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Our Services

we find your solution

A Cultivated Mindset (ACM) is a solution services firm with a focus on mobile applications, web applications and creating brands.  We solve complex business problems with innovative technology applications. Our allegiance is to the solution, not a specific technology.   Clients seek us out to develop scalable web applications, enhancing their SharePoint sites, designing the best UX/UI mobile customer experience. Designing platforms that enhances a customers‘ experience is where we excel. Successful solutions are driven by products produced in-house such as BlockTONES, Mamizi and RocketSwap. What sets us apart from other firms is that ACM is driven by best practices and current trends in the industry that match the client with the best solution to address each business problem. Our strategy is to challenge existing situations with design, development & innovation.


ACM designs, develops and creates instant and lasting brands that connects businesses to their stakeholders. We leverage your branding inventory, apps, websites and other value additions to make the brand’s impact indelible on the customer’s mind.

Services: mobile & web application design, creative corporate design, product branding design, layout & print framework design


Our developed web applications bring to life our customers’ vision. The result? Beautiful sites with strong functionality. ACM has engaged entrepreneurs, companies, startups and agencies since 2010 to create websites and mobile products that revolutionize the way consumers connect & engage with your company. We are masters at iOS and Android app as well as web development.

Services: HTML5 & CSS, Java Script, Query, AJAX, custom content management systems, PHP, Laval & Yii Framework, MVC Framework C# & .NET


ACM’s knowledge of SharePoint is unparalleled because of our award-winning team of SharePoint MVPs, creative designers, info architects and content strategists. We make SharePoint not look like SharePoint. Our team delivers stunning designs, compelling content and exceptional user experiences that make SharePoint shine. We’ve become recognized experts through our experience of planning, designing, configuring and deploying SharePoint in every conceivable scenario: public web sites to intranets, member communities, mobile sites and business intelligence dashboards.

Services:SharePoint and .Net


Start-ups to Fortune 50 Companies

We will diagnose any problem your business faces and will let you know which technology is your best solution. If it is not, we will let you know that too! Preparing clear, compelling results that solve your problem while developing rapport and trust is what ACM strives for. And we never miss a deadline.  No matter whether you are a start-up, a mid-size company or corporate enterprise, we are here to help your business run better.

A Cultivated Mindset’s Client Portfolio

ACM works with start-ups, a mid-size companies and corporate enterprises. Here is our client portfolio ratio of business types.

Start Ups (under 1 mil)0
Mid-Size Business & Enterprise (50 mil & Under)0
Corporate Enterprise (50 mil +)0
Our Apps

Mobile Apps and Software

A Cultivated Mindset also develops some mind-blowing mobile applications geared to help memory retention, promote independent artists and more. Check back soon for more.


Case Studies that show and prove

A Cultivated Mindset provides business design and development technology solutions and services to clients around the globe. To see the success we’ve helped them achieve, check out some of our featured case studies below.

In Consulting / Design / Development / SharePoint

Structural Integrity

In Design / Development


In Design / Development / Fashion

Huckleberry LTD.

In Design / Development / Mobile


In Design / Development / Mobile


In Design / Development / Mobile



The ACM Process & Ideas


Arguably, the most important person in our process is YOU the Stakeholder, as the Stakeholders are the ones who have desires, wants, and needs, and are the reason A Cultivated Mindset is developing the software in the first place. While the Stakeholders are the most important source of validation for the project, the most important person on our team is the Product Owner (PO). Each project will get one and the Product Owner works with the Stakeholders, represents their interests to the develop and design teams, and is the first person held accountable for the our team’s success. The Product Owner must find a result that will satisfy the Stakeholders’ needs and desires. The Product Owner provides direction and goals for the Team, and prioritizes what will be done.


If you are familiar with these terms then you know about SCRUM, and our process follows the core principles of SCRUM.

STEP 1 > > > > >
Brainstorming & Ideas
STEP 2 > > > > >
Concept & Sketches
STEP 3 > > > > >
Design & Development
STEP 4 > > > > >
Marketing & Social

Add to your value. Learn with us

Today’s businesses across the globe – whether startups or Fortune 500 companies – need to leverage the power of self-sufficiency. New and innovative training in the widely used SharePoint program as well as web development is key to giving employees the power to collaborate and get work done, faster.

Why not learn core development skills to customize your SharePoint experience or build, maintain and grow your online presence? ACM has formalized training programs to add value to both employees of large companies and small business owners itching to thrive.

Employees, Small Businesses, Nonprofits & Entrepreneurs

For individuals, small business owners, nonprofits and entrepreneurs, we host complimentary seminars in our Web Design Society. The Web Design Society offers a unique opportunity to network with like-minded industry professionals and learn SharePoint skills and design essentials in an intimate, classroom setting. Click here to join the Web Design Society today — it’s absolutely FREE, comes with food and prizes!.

Mid-Size to Larger Companies

For mid-size to larger companies, A Cultivated Mindset offers training opportunities to teams using SharePoint and individuals responsible for updating the company’s websites. These classes include ‘SharePoint 101 & Beyond’ seminars, online & mobile application consultation and other customized web development training.
This 24-hours (over 3 weeks) course lets participants walk away with a complete understanding of the application content and guaranteed results of productivity. Workshops include breakfast, lunch and can be customized to the organization’s needs. For more information on scheduling a workshop for your team, contact us below.

Middle & High School Students

A Cultivated Mindset Tech Camps are held for rising 4th and 5th graders & rising 11th and 12th graders, and will focus on how to create, design, and develop a new business in the technology space. Each student participant will receive their very own Chromebook, so that they will be able to practice what they learn at home. Each day the camp will have a guest speaker, that will come and talk to the group about their life in the business world

Held the last week of July and first week of August every year. Special Camps held at request.

Meet A Cultivated Mindset

Our TeXs

ACM is comprised of the best talent and resources to date. We call members of our team, TeXs (pronounced techs) “TeX” is typesetting system designed and mostly written by Donald Knuth. The system gives exactly the same results on all computers, at any point in time – which is the look we strive for on all devices here at ACM.

Executive Director

Patrick Hill

As a leader for tomorrow for a leading company today, Pat spearheads the vision of the ACM team. Pat humbly describes himself as 'just a guy who runs the best web design company in the southeast, and who wants to help and teach others how to build and maintain beautiful websites'. With a MS degree in Information Technology, Pat drives innovation and web analytics to do just that. His work has achieved multiple web design accolades – including Bank of America’s Enterprise Architecture Award and PRIDE Magazine’s Inspiring Innovation with STEAM Award.

Software Solutions Architect

Algie Wiley

Algie received his Bachelors degree from the University of Alabama. As a Solutions Architect - Algie is no stranger to designing and implementing custom solutions to business clients' needs. Interestingly enough, his skills also includes moves on the dance floor - Algie is avid in Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba dance styles!

Data Architect

Ben Leeson

Ben's leadership with developing Data Strategy, Data Governance, Organizational Design, and Data Management Functions like Analytics, Information Architecture & Data Quality makes him a valued asset to the ACM team. Ben is not your average Data Engineer - but more of an emergent thinker with the end goals in mind. This dog enthusiast carries this mindset over into his personal life, as the 'King of Fantasy Football'. Ben earned his Bachelor of Science, Business Administration at Marist College.

UX/UI Engineer

Max Lee

Max breathes new life into client messaging strategies as ACM's resident Graphic Designer. Coming a long way from riding his motorbikes everywhere in Korea, Max graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a BA in Psychology. Max infuses his passion into key elements of design, development and branding to drive ACM clients to success. He has been featured at the Museum of Design Atlanta as the AIGA Design for Social Impact Competition winner.

UX/UI Media Strategist

Katie McCarthy

Katie is a true native of New Media & Visual Arts with a combination of social media aptitude and web application development. Katie is not your run of the mill media strategist - she continues to push modern trends in marketing, design and development. Katie joined the ACM team with an acute interest in Design & Development from marketing point of view. Her Bachelor of Arts in New Media & Visual Arts combined with a developer experience helps ACM continue to blend great design with true solutions. When Katie is not pushing the current mindset traditional design, she enjoys reading creative books and developing mind blowing illustrations.

Community Relations Manager

Keri Miller

Keri is a true lover of sneakers at heart; and her problem-solving strategies in Community Relations have made strides in establishing solutions to meet complex needs. Keri joined the ACM team with an interest in Management Consulting, Project Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Her Bachelor of Science in Marketing and MBA in International Business embodies Keri's leadership & development skill sets in each project.


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