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A Cultivated Mindset (ACM) is a solution services firm with a focus on mobile applications, web applications and creating brands.  We solve complex business problems with innovative technology applications. Our allegiance is to the solution, not a specific technology.   Clients seek us out to develop scalable web applications, enhancing their SharePoint sites, designing the best UX/UI mobile customer experience. What sets us apart from other firms is that ACM is driven by best practices and current trends in the industry that match the client with the best solution to address each business problem. Our strategy is to challenge existing situations with design, development & innovation.

Featured Project – Biltmore Health Services

BHI is a team of licensed mental health professionals who have experience working with clients through all stages of life in individual psychotherapy, family, and group therapy. Their programs provide behavioral and mental health counseling, diagnostic assessments, crisis intervention, outpatient counseling services, and more.

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We will diagnose any problem your business faces and will let you know which technology is your best solution. If it is not, we will let you know that too! Preparing clear, compelling results that solve your problem while developing rapport and trust is what ACM strives for. And we never miss a deadline.  No matter whether you are a start-up, a mid-size company or corporate enterprise, we are here to help your business run better.


Our developed web applications bring to life our customers’ vision. The result? Beautiful sites with strong functionality. ACM has engaged entrepreneurs, companies, startups and agencies since 2010 to create websites and mobile products that revolutionize the way consumers connect & engage with your company. We are masters at iOS and Android app as well as web development.

Services: HTML5 & CSS, Java Script, Query, AJAX, custom content management systems, PHP, Laval & Yii Framework, MVC Framework C# & .NET


ACM designs, develops and creates instant and lasting brands that connects businesses to their stakeholders. We leverage your branding inventory, apps, websites and other value additions to make the brand’s impact indelible on the customer’s mind.

Services: mobile & web application design, creative corporate design, product branding design, layout & print framework design

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Consultation & Education Programs that stimulate

Our team delivers consultation & education courses in design, compelling content and exceptional UX/UI, development, including start-up basics. We’ve become recognized experts through our experience of planning, configuring and deploying custom educational programs. Learn with us and continue to grow.

Consulting & Educational Programs from Elementary to High School to Continuing Education

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