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Teamwork makes the dream work. Believe it!

We are a globally distributed team

ACM is comprised of the best talent and resources to date. We call members of our team, TeXs (pronounced techs) “TeX” is typesetting system designed and mostly written by Donald Knuth. The system gives exactly the same results on all computers, at any point in time – which is the look we strive for on all devices here at ACM. We are a fully distributed team. It’s a decision we had to make in the fall of 2016, Happiness is important to ACM and it should be to you. We just love the fact we are distributed all across the world, literally spread across the whole planet. What does this mean for you as client or a future team member? Meaning that we’ll be deploying solutions and replying to your questions from around the world! We are from multiple countries and continents. Becoming a diverse company and living in places that makes you happy is one of our core beliefs, and will stay with the company.


Patrick Hill | Executive Director

As a leader for tomorrow for a leading company today, Pat spearheads the vision of the ACM team. Pat humbly describes himself as 'just a guy who runs the best web design company in the southeast, and who wants to help and teach others how to build and maintain beautiful websites'. With a MS degree in Information Technology, Pat drives innovation and web analytics to do just that. His work has achieved multiple web design accolades – including Bank of America’s Enterprise Architecture Award and PRIDE Magazine’s Inspiring Innovation with STEAM Award.


Sujal Bandhara | Mobile Developer & Architect

Sujal is an iOS expert, focused on stunning animations and user experience in the mobile space. He has been with the mobile team since the beginning. Sujal is also no stranger to the start up community as he spends hours learning and adopting to new business developments in the mobile application technology. He is also a ``Social Developer`` meaning he has extensive development knowledge in Social integrations such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He loves to travel, eat great foods, and spend time with his lovely family.


Katie McCarthy | Design Architect

Katie is a true native of New Media Design & Visual Arts with a combination of social media aptitude and web application development. Katie is not your run of the mill designer - she continues to push modern trends in marketing, design and development. Katie joined the ACM team with an acute interest in Design & Development from marketing point of view. Her Bachelor of Arts in New Media & Visual Arts combined with a developer experience helps ACM continue to blend great design with true solutions.


Algie Wiley | Software Solutions Architect

Algie received his Bachelors degree from the University of Alabama. As a Solutions Architect - Algie is no stranger to designing and implementing custom solutions to business clients' needs. Interestingly enough, his skills also includes moves on the dance floor - Algie is avid in Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba dance styles!


Ben Leeson | Program Advisor

Ben's leadership with developing Data Strategy, Data Governance, Organizational Design, and Data Management Functions like Analytics, Information Architecture & Data Quality makes him a valued asset to the ACM team. Ben is not your average Data Engineer - but more of an emergent thinker with the end goals in mind. This dog enthusiast carries this mindset over into his personal life, as the 'King of Fantasy Football'. Ben earned his Bachelor of Science, Business Administration at Marist College.


Jaydeep Patel | IT Project Manager

Jaydeep's focus on detail is unparalleled and he has knack for finding issues in a process. Keeping the mobile strategy and team on track is his only goal. Quiet, but sharp as a tack, Jaydeep has worked in all phases of the SDLC including coding, testing, analysis to writing test cases and delivered module with client satisfaction. Not mention a decade in Java experience.


Max Lee | Graphic Designer

Max breathes new life into client messaging strategies as ACM's resident Graphic Designer. Coming a long way from riding his motorbikes everywhere in Korea, Max graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a BA in Psychology. Max infuses his passion into key elements of design, development and branding to drive ACM clients to success. He has been featured at the Museum of Design Atlanta as the AIGA Design for Social Impact Competition winner.

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