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Mamizi is a platform that curates an ecosystem for women to develop a blueprint for success in their given industry. A Cultivated Mindset developed and designed the ecosystem to help women create and develop those blueprints which were centered around technology-driven experiences. Mamizi is a convergence of women to build & learn in media, technology, and other entrepreneurial environments.

The Mamizi mobile application is dedicated to developing creative women by helping them achieve their goals. Miami's main three sectors are "Media" "Small Business/Entrepreneurship" and "Technology." The application focuses on a purposeful curriculum that will engage users from the technology space to media.

The platform also has digital content that helps guide women on a true journey towards success. Our Entrepreneurship track and focus will center around the pressure of "choices vs options” that will allow users to make educated decisions based on real metrics and innovative experiences. A Cultivated Mindset developed design and digital assets for the Mamizi Project including social media engagement, website configurations as well as the Mamizi mobile Application.

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