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4 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Website Maintenance

Having a website up and running isn’t the end of the cycle; you need to plan ongoing website maintenance. What we all forget is that the internet is not a safe place. We need to do all possible to keep websites running smoothly and securely.

You may not have realized, but your website stands a chance of being hacked every day. According to Forbes, not less than 30,000 websites are hacked daily. The reason for this is not far-fetched; people hate website maintenance and pay little attention to it.

It’s just unimaginable that due to the hatred for maintenance, website owners lose visitors who are put off by the terrible user experience, buggy performance, and slow loading time. All of these reasons make it difficult for your websites to compete within the crowded space.

Not to forget that without regular and scheduled maintenance, there’s a lot of resources going down the drain. Suppose you are unlucky, and your website gets hacked due to loopholes, or for any reason, experience a downtime. In that case, you’ll need quite the right amount of resources to get it up and running again.

With all of these adverse effects of not conducting website maintenance, it’s essential to understand why people ignore maintenance.

1. Absence of Regular Back-Up

One of the top reasons people hate carrying out website maintenance is the absence of regular website back-ups.

Many often forget that when their website is targeted and hacked, the absence of a back-up could mean the end of the website. In essence, many fail in carrying out maintenance because it is the fear of a restore point in the event of any issue.

2. Additional Time Required

This relates to business owners who combine the task of running their business with running their website. Running a business is challenging on its own. When it’s now integrated with running a website, there’s a lot at risk.

By implication, the business will not have enough time to carry out scheduled and regular maintenance.

3. Lack of Understanding of the Website Metrics

Another reason for the nonchalance of website owners towards website maintenance is not knowing the website metrics.

Imagine driving a car blindfolded; that’s exactly what this does to the website. Without tracking important metrics, website owners will not have a clear view when there are abnormalities with the website.

4. Cost of Maintenance

Many do not consider the cost of what it will take to get a website in the right shape after designing one. The cost of maintenance is determined by complexity, size, experience, and expertise.

When no-mind is paid to these areas during the website design process, a lot will be required as maintenance costs after that.

Final Thought

Rather than look at regular website maintenance from the point of hate, we should consider why people are scared of delving into website maintenance.

From the onset, adequate provision should be made for conducting regular website maintenance. This will eliminate the scare that comes with planning website maintenance.


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