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6 Savvy Ways to Spend Leftover Mobile App Budget

You might be lucky to have a leftover budget after building your mobile app, then the problem of how to spend the leftover mobile app budget pops up. We won’t allow it to go to waste; there’s a lot you can get done. That’s why we’ll be pointing you in the right direction on what you should channel the resources into.

We’ve identified six ways that can solve your problem of how to spend leftover mobile app budget and further help you mobile app deployment

1. UI/UX Research

We cannot underplay the role of UI/UX design in a mobile app. For your mobile app to achieve intended results, you should be able to understand users’ needs, behaviors, and motivations.

Thus, this is done through observing, testing, and other feedback mechanisms.

2. Marketing

When building a mobile app, people often forget to create a budget for marketing. Of what purpose is building an excellent mobile app that does not get to the intended audience. You need to divert the leftover budget into positioning your mobile app for success.

However, know that whatever you have as leftover will rarely be enough for marketing your mobile app.

3. User Testing of the Mobile App

Don’t expect your mobile app to be flawless from the get-go; there’s a lot user testing can reveal of your mobile app. It would be best if you were sure that your new app is functioning as it should. This will be revealed when the app is tested under varying conditions and environments.

Even if you are sure of your mobile app, still carry out thorough user testing using the leftover budget.

4. Microinteractions of Your Mobile App

Your mobile app is intended for a target audience, and you should be interested in their satisfaction and happiness. With microinteractions, you can add an engaging and human touch to your app. Most importantly, it’s about making your mobile app stand out from whatever is available in the market.

In the end, you’ll see users engaging, commenting, liking, and sharing your mobile app.

5. Mobile App Personalization

This is quite a two-way affair. Depending on the mobile app developer, real-time personalization might have been programmed into the app. If it was not, you could still divert the leftover resources into fulfilling your users’ needs and want via personalization.

You should also know that personalization is always an ongoing project. Remember that the needs and wants of users changes over time.

6. Conduct a Design Thinking Workshop

No, it’s not late to reassess your design even if your mobile app is at the point of deployment. The whole idea behind a design thinking workshop outlives the current status of your mobile app. It is to prepare your mobile app for whatever status and features it will assume in the nearest future.

It’s all about getting your team into the right mindset to create better products and features for your mobile app.

Final Thoughts

There are more instances of a budget deficit than leftover for mobile apps. Nonetheless, when there are leftovers, it’s always a plus. As this can go a long way to improve the user experience for your mobile app.

We’ve identified five of such ways of how you can spend your leftover mobile app budget.


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