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6 Things About Mobile App Support You May Not Have Known

Smartphones have turned to mini-computers with the proliferation of mobile apps. Today, smartphones are beyond just another medium of communication, but a means to complete our daily tasks. This has made mobile app support important than ever.

While there are millions of mobile apps out there, it involves a lot to keep them functioning at their best.

Mobile App Support

In this blog post, we’ll be diving into a number of things you may not have known about mobile app support;

1. Every Mobile App Requires Support and Maintenance

Every app qualifies for a support and maintenance plan. However, the architecture of your app and the database will determine the frequency of the support plan.

Your app type, number of daily active users, and the app’s complexity will determine the required support.

2. There are Different Forms of App Support and Maintenance

  1. Emergency Support: This is to be done when a sudden issue arises and demands immediate attention.

  2. Perfective Support: When user requirements change, an expected change is also worked into the source code.

  3. Adaptive Support: This is done to keep it abreast of changes in the software and hardware environment.

  4. Preventive Support: This intervention is carried out to limit the occurrence of errors.

  5. Corrective Support: This involves repairing faults in the daily app function, as reported by the users.

3. Operating Systems Are Always Evolving

The unstable nature of the operating systems of smartphones will require constant support for mobile apps. When an OS update occurs, it will always require support as it may be nonfunctional or not operate optimally.

When anticipating an update, scheduled maintenance may have to be planned to arrest any abnormality that may arise.

4. App Downtime is Inevitable

Downtimes are a normal occurrence; what is not normal is not having a concrete support plan to salvage the damage. Don’t panic; even the most used apps on the planet experience downtime.

You will have to invest in a support plan that takes firm actions on app downtime when they occur. Don’t leave your users frustrated and pissed when downtime occurs.

5. Hackers and Cybercriminals will Always Test Your Resolve

You cannot leave your app in a vulnerable state by ignoring mobile app support. More than your level of determination, these elements are constantly looking for loopholes to steal you and your user’s data.

However, with an effective support plan in place, you’ll be able to arrest the efforts of hackers. Just ensure that your mobile app support plan involves the latest security protocols and measures.

6. About 20% of App Development Cost will Be Enough For Support

That’s just a rule of thumb as the cost of app as complexity and the frequency of the support plan are the determining factor. The development approach of the app will be a huge determinant of the cost of mobile app support.

Consider creating a budget for mobile app maintenance and support which is a best practice. It’s also advisable to stick with the mobile app development team for the mobile app support.


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