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7 Best Mobile Apps for Mobile App Support

In recent years, the mobile app industry has experienced growth in multiple folds. With the growth is also the increase in customer concerns and issues. This has create a critical need for mobile apps for mobile app support. There are no less than 3.5 billion smartphone users today, which is driving the mobile app industry faster than envisaged.

If you are wondering what these people are doing on their phones, 88% of the time, many are using one app or another. As a player in the mobile app industry, you should be only concerned about the number of people using your app and the number of people satisfied with your app.

The reason is simple; if you cannot provide a unique user experience and mobile app support, you are likely to lose the users to a competitor. While the ability to provide a unique user experience depends on your development team, you may have to rely on trusted mobile app support tools to address your mobile app users’ concerns.

To this end, we’ll be doing a quick review of the ten best mobile apps for mobile app support.

1. FAQ

Think of FAQ as an email composer, where you can keep all of the answers to the questions your mobile app users are likely to ask. There’s a huge likelihood that your mobile app users will have similar issues; FAQ’s work is to relieve you of the stress by providing answers to their worries.

Simply put, FAQ allows you to be able to respond to customer issues in seconds. There’s already an email tailored to their request.

2. Zendesk

This relies on a ticket-based customer support system. There is also a community and knowledge feature that mobile app users can consult if they run into issues. From your end, you can access all support tickets. This allows you to work on the issues raised and viewing the activities on each ticket.

Zendesk is available on Android, Windows, and iOS.

3. Satisfaction Remote

The beauty of Satisfaction Remote lies in the ability to embed a code within your app. Satisfaction Remote powers Get Satisfaction, a customer support app. Get Satisfaction is in the business of providing support and collating feedback for mobile apps with a wide range of features.

Satisfaction Remote is only available on iOS.


OTRS prides itself as a flexible customer service tool with the intent of empowering teams. It’s all about improving the quality of mobile app support. OTRS provides customers the care they need by simplifying contacting support and getting answers to their concerns.

With OTRS, everyone has all they need to succeed. You can check assigned queues, watch-list, and escalated tickets.

5. Kayako

Kayako is a helpdesk tool for personal and connected customer support. Available in multiple languages across Facebook, Live Chat, Email, and Twitter channels. It offers full ticket management, time tracking, filters, and search tools. You can easily respond to customer requests and concerns in real-time.

Kayako is available on Windows, iOS, and Android.

6. UserVoice

In about a few lines of code, UserVoice can be integrated into a native app. The all in one platform delivers on providing a helpdesk, easy to use feedback system, and knowledge management tools for native apps.

With UserVoice, you have a single solution for providing support to your mobile app users.

7. Parature

Parature prides itself as a multi-channel mobile app support tool with a ticket system and customer chat application. The intent of Parature is for your customers to leverage the wide range of tools in accessing the best support experience.

You can look up tickets by number, update tickets, and use other features that allay your mobile app users’ concerns.

Final Thought on Mobile Apps For Mobile App Support

While there are tons of mobile apps for mobile app support out there, these seven can get you ahead of your competitors in delivering exceptional mobile app support.

Let’s know which you are using and how it has been able to help your mobile app.


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