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8 Secrets of Working in Mobile App Design

For every profession, there are age-long secrets that have helped others to create magic. The secret of mobile app design is all about creating an impeccable user experience.

You may think of it as user experience design secrets, and you won’t be wrong.

Remember that there’s a crowd of mobile apps out there, and without a flawless mobile app design, yours likely to be lost in the sea of countless mobile apps.

With the competitiveness of mobile app design, there’s a need to develop better and faster apps.

Towards this aim, ensure you can apply these eight secret of mobile app design

1. Create an Emotional Connection

When you’ve superbly developed an app, the most important criteria are to ensure a connection with the intended users.

The key to achieving this is to stay updated on the trends and collect more information on creating effortless and appealing designs. While there are other secret of mobile app design, creating an emotional connection is quite important.

More importantly, you cannot stick to outdated designs. You need to continually redesign the apps to make them relevant and ensure high usability standards.

2. A Flawless First Impression

It only takes a few seconds for users to make up their minds on any app. In your mobile app design, ensure you can win your users’ minds within their first few seconds of interacting with the app.

Based on studies, 21% of users quit an app after the first use. The implication is that the app failed in making an excellent first impression both in appeal and functionality.

Right from the first use, when an app has an excellent design, there is improved engagement and trust.

3. Thorough Testing Before Release

This is linked to the last point; only a bug-free mobile app design can make a long-lasting impression. That’s why you need to make thorough testing a priority before release.

Don’t be concerned about just bug issues presently but also in the future. Deploy tools that can conduct thorough testing on the mobile app designs.

As a mobile app designer, make it easy on yourself by subjecting the design to several tests. Don’t assume you’ve built a faultless app.

4. Create An Impossibility

Borrowing from the opinion of Arthur C Clarke, the famed fiction author, he opined that technology should be indistinguishable from magic. What he’s implying is that you should go beyond the possible with your mobile app designs.

To achieve this, you need to have a clear view of what is possible and go a step higher into impossibility. The idea is to aim to be revolutionary with your mobile app designs.

Look at Instagram and Snapchat; it has made everyone into a photographer. Let your mobile app design voyage into the unknown.

5. Create a Natural Experience

Many mobile app designers don’t realize that their intended user doesn’t have the luxury of time. Neither do they want to find themselves in a web of decision making?

They seek a technology close to being magical, if not magical. One that is like Cinderella summoning her fairy godmother or Gandalf killing the Great Goblin. What they all seek is technology doing the heavy lifting with just a few clicks.

In short, it’s about making tech work the way it should. Look at Tinder; all the dating Millennials have to do is to swipe left and right.

6. Maintain a Level Headed Simplicity

Do a quick search of the “Most beautifully designed apps of 2020”. One trend peculiar to them all is the simplicity they all embraced. Give your users a distraction-free mobile app design. They don’t want to be lost in a maze; they want an app that works.

Seek a way you can blend simplicity with magic within your app. You’ll see users unable to close or uninstall your mobile app.

When there are fewer elements a user has to look at, they have lesser decisions to make. That’s the definition of simplicity as a secret of mobile app design.

7. Think of The Pareto Principle in The Design Process

Another secret of mobile app design is based on Pareto principle, 80% of the effects come from 20% of the cause. This is also applicable to mobile app design, as only 80% of your users will only use 20% of your design’s functionality.

What does this imply? Find out which of your apps, 20% is being used and focus on delivering a unique experience.

Find a way to bury the less essential features in the settings. If and when it’s needed, the users will find a way to locate it in settings.

8. Words Also Matter

You can’t just sit back because you think you have a perfect mobile app design; you need to get the word around.

Don’t be tempted to sit back after the design process; it can be tempting but don’t do it. Stay in control of the narratives regarding your app.

Invest an ample amount of time and resources into crafting a compelling copy around your app. That’s the best way to stay on top of the narratives.


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