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9 Reasons You Should Invest in React Native

In recent years, React Native has grown in popularity. Thanks to the successes recorded by Netflix, SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, and other big names who employed the React Native framework. Just like this big names, investing in React Native should not be a hassle.

Severally, React Native has been touted to be the future of cross-platform app development, and the framework is truly living up to expectations. The whole idea behind React Native lies in the simplification of app development while improving user experience. These two goals are why Jordan Walke, the brain behind React Native, developed the framework.

With React Native, mobile application development has become easier, with the abundance of developers’ resources.

If you plan to compete with the big names in the tech world, porting to React Native would be the right thing to do. By the end of 2020, global app revenue would have crossed the 189 billion mark. This means that there’s no better time to invest in React Native than now.

Let’s assume you are still in a loop as to why you should invest in React Native; we’ll be giving you about nine reasons;

1. Low Cost, Fast Development

There’s no other development framework that guarantees this better than React Native.

You’ve got a short-term development cycle without compromising quality, originality, and productivity. Since the same code is relied on for deployment on both Android and iOS platforms.

2. Quick Deployment of Minimum Viable Product

React Native comes with at least 50% lower than your usual app development budget. This allows you to take risks with your business model. You won’t be investing all of your resources while taking risks.

You can keep your app at minimum functionality to test the waters and roll out core features later.

3. Seamless Bug Detection

On both platforms, locating bugs is not a hassle. Be reminded that the code is also reusable even after bugs are identified.

With just a single update, bugs can be fixed on both iOS and Android platforms. Ordinarily, you would need a separate team to deal with bugs on other frameworks.

4. Single Web and Mobile App Module/Team

React Native allows you to develop an interface that serves as both the web page and the mobile app. From the first look, any developer can look into the code and make corrections for the web page and mobile app.

Invariably, you’ll have the same team of developers for your web page and mobile app.

5. Personalized UX

This is where React Native gets more interesting. On the same app, you can push personalized UX to different users. One of the core elements of React Native lies in its dependent on clean architecture.

Within the same code, you can have the framework code, CSS styling, JavaScript code, and native code.

6. Third-Party Compatibility

Knowing that coming up with complete software from the foundation is on the high side, not many developers can afford to go that route. However, there won’t be a need to do this as React Native blends in with most third-party plugins.

There are online tools at your disposal, not forgetting the abundance of reusable libraries for React Native.

7. That’s the Gameplan of the Big Boys

There’s a Latin maxim that says, “he who comes to equity must come with clean hands.” In this instance, if you intend to remain the app development game, you cannot do it outside of React Native.

Currently, there’s rarely any of the big names in tech not making good use of React Native.

8. Hot Reloading Module

Ask any React Native developer what they love most about the framework; the hot reloading feature is likely to be one of their top mentions. The Hot Module Replacement features allow you to make changes to the app and experience real-time changes.

Thus, you can develop an app without recompilation.

9. A Thriving Community and Resources

Whenever you doubt React Native, there’s always a community readily available to answer your questions. You’ll find help, resources, and information within reach and always ready to assist.

Don’t forget that the adoption of React Native is growing with its popularity, along with a thriving community of doers.

Final Thoughts On Reasons To Invest In React Native

The best time you could have invested in React Native was in 2015, and the next best time is now. The React Native framework is still on the rise in terms of growth, and now will be the right time to invest your resources.

You can never be in doubt as to jumping on the React Native revolution as it’s beyond a fad.


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