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A Cultivated Mindset Becomes Official Wix Partners

At A Cultivated Mindset, we are excited to make an announcement. We are happy to announce that we are officially Wix Partners and Velo certified. Wix is one of the leading cloud-based web development platforms and a leader in the website creation space. Being a content management system, Wix is committed to a simple and effortless web development process.

As an official Wix Partner, A Cultivated Mindset will take advantage of Wix’s intent to provide easy-to-build websites for our growing clientele base. This will help us deliver mobile responsive, dashboard intuitive, and SEO optimized websites. Indeed, we will be able to help our clients compete healthily in their industries.

Truly, our decision to become a Wix Agency Partner is borne out of the enviable success that Wix has built over the years. That’s why we believe we can further meet the meets of Wix users as a solution-focused firm.

Meanwhile, we take pride in being one of the few Wix Velo Certified experts. With Wix endorsement, we are able to take on Velo development projects. Without a doubt, the future of Velo by Wix is bright and we won’t want our clients to miss out.

Finally, we are hopeful that millions of Wix users will take advantage of our experience as a SaaS and PaaS services provider. The certification and partnership is a reminder of our commitment to improving our development techniques and strategies. This is to further solve human problems with innovative technology.


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