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A Cultivated Mindset & Generate New York 2017

Hi folks, this is Katie McCarthy, Design Architect at A Cultivated Mindset, here to talk briefly about my experience at Generate 2017 in New York City!

The Generate conference in New York City was two days long this year; day one on Thursday April 27th was an all-day workshop at TKP New York Conference Center and day two was a series of talks that also lasted all day at the New World Stages. Lunch and breakfast were provided at both locations and were very good.

So, all in all, I would definitely recommend going to a Generate conference to anybody in the digital creative space. The next conference is taking place June 9th in San Francisco, so get your tickets soon!

The conference on the second day was a lot more low-key. Industry professionals gave talks organized into two tracks in two different theaters at New World Stages. I bounced between the two tracks, depending on which talk I thought was more interesting. The talks I went to included: Sara Soueidan’s talk entitled “Creative Solutions for Creative Design Challenges”, Mina Markham’s “Styling Hillary”, Jen Simmons’ talk on CSS Grid, and Mindy Alyse’s “Designing for Conversation”. I go into detail about some of these talks and what I learned over here.

The conference itself was informative and attended by people from all over the world; I talked briefly with a product designer from New Zealand whose company had sent her and other teammates to the conference.

The workshop on the first day was a bit grueling! This was because I had picked Irene Pereyra’s Concept, Create and Sell workshop where you were divided into groups and tasked with coming up with an app concept for an existing company, Lonely Planet. The groups received demographic information, current pain points and also used whatever could be found on the internet (which depending on your wifi connection, which was spotty at best, unfortunately). I ended up learning quite a lot at this workshop, which I go into detail about here.


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