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Alexander Art Foundation, Bridging the Gap in Technology & Low-Income Families

As you all know it's the season for giving, and Alexander Art Foundation is looking forward to giving back to the community and would love your help! As we begin our annual fundraiser we wanted to reach out to you in hopes that you would share with your family, friends, and colleagues what we are trying to achieve. Oh, let us not forget to mention that each donor will have a chance to win lower level tickets to a Charlotte Hornets game!

For those of you that do not know, Alexander Art Foundation is the official nonprofit partner of A Cultivated Mindset. Their mission is to help organizational efforts related to arts, digital media, and technology and establish a true building block close to all economic and digital divides in the community. With this fundraiser Alexander Art Foundation will provide low-income families with technical training. This training will provide individuals with tools and the knowledge needed to start a business or gain employment in the technical field. The skills learned in this training can help the individuals become entrepreneurs or to boost their skillset in finding a new career.

We would love for you to help us give back to our community in a way that could provide an individual with the same opportunity to give back in the future. Click here to donate, and we thank you so much for partnering with us to make a change in the community!



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