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Best Alternative Mobile App Stores to Publish Your Apps

Undoubtedly, the Google Play Store is the biggest mobile application market. However, many other stores exist and offer developers opportunities to publish their apps.

Some of these alternative apps serve particular markets, and others are more general. We have selected the best alternative mobile application stores for app publication. Let’s examine each of them.

Amazon App Store

The Amazon App Store is one of the world's most popular alternative mobile app stores. It has over 779 thousand apps and is available on all major mobile platforms. It serves the Android and Fire OS.

No, it doesn't support iOS devices. But you can use the Amazon App Store on your Kindle Fire tablet or any Android device. For developers who want to publish their apps and make money from them, Amazon offers an 80% revenue share.

Galaxy Store

Samsung is one of the most popular tech companies in the world. Its Galaxy smartphones are some of the most popular Android devices.

Therefore, it's unsurprising that Samsung has its mobile application store for users. The Galaxy Store is available in 125 countries. It's compatible with most Samsung devices.

The store is famous for being picky. It allows only the best apps to be featured on its platform. So, users can expect to find only high-quality apps in the store.


This open-source and community-owned store opened in 2010. F-Droid caters to power users looking for open-source apps. But it also has a growing selection of free apps available to everyone.

The store has 17 categories: productivity, social networking, games, and more. Each app has a detailed description and screenshots. So, users can see what it does before downloading.

Yes, the number of apps here is only 4,200. But it's a great place if you're starting.

Qoo App

Developers with games, comics, and anime can target users in Asia with the Qoo App. It's a free app that features a wide range of content from Japan, China, and Korea. Users can browse games, comics, and anime to find what they like best. The search function is easy-to-use thanks to its filters.

While the app isn't in English, it's easy to navigate. You don't have to learn basic Japanese (or Chinese) to find your desired content. There are free and paid versions of the Qoo App. The apps offer different levels of functionality for users.


This is not your regular third-party app store. Aptoide is a decentralized platform based in Portugal, and it's free to use. You can find many apps on the platform, including games, utilities, and entertainment.

The search function is easy to use and features filters that allow you to narrow down your results. Aptoide also has a forum where users can discuss issues related to their favorite apps. They can also suggest new ones for other users.


Uptodown has grown to become a popular third-party app store. It has over 130 million monthly users. The platform features over 2.5 million apps in its catalog.

You can find both free and paid apps on Uptodown. Users can download APKs from their website using a browser or desktop client.

Uptodown isn't as restricted as some other app stores. So, hackers and other malicious users often publish malware and harmful software here.


The platform claims to be the best alternative to the Google Play Store. It has over 100 million downloads. It has fantastic features for developers to code and publish their apps.

SlideME is a free service that lets you download apps from third-party developers. The platform allows you to browse top charts and categories. You can find new games, tools, or utilities.

You can also view ratings from other users on each app before downloading it onto your device.

Bemobi Mobile Store

If you want a platform that caters to any mobile operating system, the Bemobi Mobile Store is the place to go. It boasts a vast library of games and apps. It serves Android, Java, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and more.

The service also has a user-friendly interface. This allows you to search for apps based on their name or category.

Formerly known as the Opera Mobile Store, Bemobi isn't a traditional app store. It connects different devices to the respective operating systems' app stores. This is why you'll find apps on Bemobi that aren't available on other mobile storefronts.


GetJar is one of the most popular app marketplaces, and it's easy to see why. It boasts a massive library of apps. The apps are compatible with just about every mobile operating system out there.

GetJar also can also filter search results based on genre, price, and popularity. The service has received over 470 million downloads since its launch in 2004.

Huawei AppGallery

The Huawei AppGallery is number three in the global smartphone market. The platform is number one in China. The company has created a robust app store for its phones and other Android devices.

The AppGallery platform features over 530 million users across 140 million devices. Therefore, it's a top choice for users looking to download apps on their mobile devices. You can also filter search results by category, price, and popularity.


As the name suggests, HappyMod is a free app store that aims to provide users with modded apps. There are over 200,000 apps and games to choose from, with new ones added daily.

Each APK file has been modified to provide users with extra features and options. Apps have no ads, unlimited lives, and more. Users can filter results by the type of app they are looking for and their device’s screen resolution.

Final Thoughts

Not every valuable app or game is on the Play Store or App Store. You can use any of these alternatives to list your Android and iOS apps and games. The above app stores offer many options, from modded APK files to free and paid apps. If you’re looking for something specific, it’s worth trying these stores.



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