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Best Practices for Typography in Mobile Design

A simple understanding of typography would involve making the language legible, readable and appealing to the user while reading it on a digital device. When it comes to mobile design, a continuously changing approach is adopted for the conventions because of the increasing usage of mobile devices, which include users with accessibility needs. Big companies like Apple also pay appropriate attention to typography with every launch of their devices, which means it is important and deserves consideration.

Here are some points that could help you carve out the best mobile design with typography:

  1. Don’t pick an overly decorated font, because it may become illegible on the small screen. Though mobile screen-size has increased considerably, still it is relatively small.

  2. A lot of designers tend to make a design that accommodates maximum content in a small screen size, which is not ideal. Undoubtedly, users can increase the size, but keeping it around 12 points is a nice practice.

  3. Keeping the line length between 30-40 is a good practice. Do remember that for mobile design, it is as essential as the font size.

  4. Do not make the content on a mobile screen look crowded. Space is very important and you should use it amply.

  5. The alignment is always an issue when you have a limited screen size. As a good practice, a left-aligned text is considered the best for mobile design.

  6. Be very careful with the contrast because in mobile phones copy is less. So, as a rule of good mobile design, the contrast should be weaker than the usual. A careful color combination could anyway enhance the readability.

  7. Responsiveness of your design is indispensable when it comes to mobile design. There are many mobile screen-sizes and with every launch e, en models come with different size. Make sure your design automatically adjusts to the size variation.



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