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Check-in the Driverless Rooms—How Cool Would be Your Stay!

Have you imagined how Uber, Airbnb and the classic human desk managers could become obsolete if you could get driverless rooms to sleep in with the entire smart tech integrated to provide you a hotel-room-like experience! Well, it is possible and the future innovations of driverless vehicles, delivery through drones, and augmented reality are a bunch of technologies that could make it possible for you to have driverless rooms for a short night stay or even a longer one.

Imagination is power

Imagine you are visiting a new country for a project and you have a week or so to explore a particular city before you start your nerdy discussions and strategy and even coding. Now imagine barging into a facility where you get a room which looks like a bus but without seats and more like a room. Imagine being greeted by a voice through augmented reality—yes, if you are thinking about the Jennifer Lawrence’s movie ‘Passengers’, you are almost already there.

How cool would it be to have your food delivered through a drone right on the roof of the room from a very famous restaurant without even caring about booking a table or actually going through the maddening traffic? You could ask the driverless vehicle to take you to a nearby beach before you actually doze off to sleep.

To enhance the experience further, you can have special modules ordered at extra payment which may include a spa, a gym or just an extra bed for more comfortable sleep.

It is possible

The beauty of technology is that what looks fiction starts appearing as a distant dream, and suddenly, it becomes a reality. Though right now, it might sound too whimsical or even a fantasy-based scenario, we are eventually heading towards this experience and in near future will have the option to sleep in a driverless room, which is cheaper, cleaner and maybe even safer.



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