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Choosing WordPress Hosting

Site owners today have a lot of options to host their WordPress website, the most popular ones being shared and managed hosting. Choosing the right one for your WordPress site must follow an informed decision. Here we talk about the different kinds of WordPress hosting and how to choose the best one for your site.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is perhaps the most economical option for site owners due to the lowest budget it demands. Nevertheless, the other lesser disadvantageous characteristics of this kind of hosting include little flexibility and overcrowded space. However, when the website grows, this model of hosting can cause some problems like slow response time and bandwidth limiting. This is because the hosting providers put a lot of websites on the same server to keep the fees low. On the other hand, a dedicated server does not make it necessary for you to share with anyone, and hence you can expect the best possible performance. The shared hosting providers are overloaded with support questions all the time, and therefore you might face delays in getting answers to your queries. It is also not possible to expect WordPress specialists to answer your questions. This arrangement is also open to running any script, and hence you enjoy the flexibility in this way. Those running a hobby blog and those who do not depend on their website to generate income can find this model highly convenient.

Managed hosting

Managed hosting means you will hire a team of experts or just an expert to take care of your server. Their responsibilities would be installing an operating system, providing security packages, change the hard drives if they must break the performance, and perform other tasks. Application-level managed hosting service providers are new to the hosting field. This is similar to shared hosting and can be compared to a local grocery that specializes in a few high-quality products. Usually, these companies build their infrastructure around an open-source product they are familiar with. All their systems, processes, and practices are fine-tuned to provide the best support to this operating system. This kind of hosting also takes care of running a WordPress blog relieving you of a lot of responsibilities. One great thing about this is the WordPress specific experience you can find on this arrangement. You can optimize your web presence in many ways, including speed, uptime, security, core and plugin updates, and theme and plugin compatibility.

When compared to shared hosting, this model is a costly arrangement. The prices can even go up to $3,000 per domain. The benefits are worth the investment you make. The several advantages of managed hosting are customizable backup options, integrated CDN support, one-click staging areas which you will never find anywhere else.

Benefits of WordPress hosting

The invaluable benefits of WordPress hosting are excellent support, the highest security, custom built caching system, and regular backups. Hence if you run your business on WordPress, managed hosting is the best option you can think of. They have a lot of exclusive services for the WordPress users that are also tailored to meet their specific needs, and these services come at affordable prices.



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