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Designer’s Guide To Ascertain the Perfect Interface Dimension

The world today is using a wide range of software products. Every product is designed following an idea of how much interface is good enough. While some creations make it minimal, some look forward to going all out. For the question how much interface is perfect for a software product, there cannot be a universal answer since the context of every product is different from the rest. However, here are the top considerations that can help decide the right interface dimensions for a new software product.

The task the user engages in

Different tasks need different interface size. Different tasks call for different “amounts” of the interface. The users must get everything they require and nothing that they will not need. There must not be any distractions since they already have many on their phones and other tabs in their browsers corresponding to different social media sites. Hence when the interface gives the customer everything they require and nothing more, then it can be successful.

What the users need to accomplish the task

Examine the nature of every task independently. During every moment of the user’s experience, reflect on what can maximize their outcome. Strictly confining to what the user needs will help provide a great base for deciding on the interface.

The insights are drawn from user feedback

Closely studying the user feedback is the best way to decide how well the interface will suit the user needs and expectations. Look deeply into the analytics and explore the completion rate. See if the completion rate can be increased. Running user testing is a great way to gather their feedback regarding those tasks. This will help decide if the interface is working perfectly or it must be scaled up or down to make it better.


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