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Find Pain to Build a Successful Business

Why pain?

Well, if you could find pain, and then find a solution to alleviate that pain, you have a business opportunity. Whatever solution or service you will provide to lower or remove that pain will sell. It may have to do with a delivery, security, commuting, saving time, or whatever—if you could find a pain-point of people’s lives and can build a solution around it, you are up for a nice business experience.

Too many professionals want to leave their jobs and start doing something on their own; however, sustaining on a business is not easy if you don’t have an already-flourishing business in place. Establishing a new one takes time and money both—if you don’t have either or any of them, you can’t think of leaving your job.

However, if you have thought and are seriously making plans to start something on your own, think what troubles others or maybe yourself. Find a pain-point in the day-to-day life of the family members, friend-circle or the colleagues.

Figure out if there is a solution for that pain. If yes, figure out can you build something more efficient, cheaper or better? If no, figure out the solution—everything else can be done later on.

Once you have built a new or a better solution, start promoting your solution through your close-ones before you could take the initiative of leaving your job. Remember, your product or service may fail and may face problems that you might not have foreseen—it is always better to test it with actual users before betting your future on it.

If you feel there is a demand or want of your product and you can scale the market for the same, you can go to launch yourself fully as an entrepreneur and even look for funding etc. to scale your product or service. Before that, it is always better to stick to your job and continue evolving into a better strategist.


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