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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Microsoft 365

If you think of buying a Microsoft 365 subscription plan but need more clarity about how it works and it is worth it. This is why we decided to write a post for you to answer some of the FAQs about Microsoft 365. These questions were taken from the search engines. So, here are some FAQs about Microsoft 365.

Is Internet access required to install Microsoft 365?

Yes. To install and activate all the apps in Microsoft 365 and manage your account, you need to connect to the internet. Also, updating your Microsoft 365 to the latest version requires periodic internet access. However, you don’t need internet access to use office apps like Word and Excel once installed on your computer. 

Can I try Microsoft 365 before buying a subscription?

Yes. You can enjoy all the services available on Microsoft 365 subscription plan for one month before you subscribe. However, you will need to provide your credit card information before you start the trial. Your credit card will not be charged if you cancel the subscription within 30 days. 

Can I share my Microsoft 365 subscription with other people?

The subscription of Microsoft 365 personal cannot be shared. Only one person can use it. But you can share a subscription of Microsoft 365 family with five other people, making a maximum of six users.

How do I share my Microsoft 365 subscription plan?

Up to six people can use Microsoft 365 Family subscription. To share your subscription plan, visit, and follow the instruction. An e-mail will be sent to each of the users you want to share by giving them instructions on steps to follow to be included in the plan. At any time, you can remove a user or a device from your plan by visiting

On how many devices can I install my Microsoft 365?

You can install Microsoft 365 on as many devices as possible but for one user if the subscription is Microsoft 365 Personal and for a maximum of 6 users within the same household for Microsoft 365 Family.

Can I have both Microsoft 365 Personal and Microsoft 365 Family subscriptions on one account?

This is another another important FAQ about Microsoft 365No. you can only have one subscription at a time. But you can convert from Microsoft 365 Family to Microsoft 365 Personal.  

If my subscription expires, will I still be able to access files that I store on OneDrive storage?

Yes, after the expiration of your subscription, you can still sign in to OneDrive with your Microsoft365 account to access your stored files. However, you will lose the storage capacity; hence you must save your files elsewhere if they are more than the free storage available for OneDrive.

What is the One Drive storage capacity of Microsoft 365?

The storage capacity you get depends on your subscription. Microsoft 365 personal comes with an additional one tetra bytes of storage. While Microsoft 365 Family subscription comes with extra one tetra bytes of one drive storage for each of the six users.

Can I use the skype minute in my subscription to call someone without a skype account?

Yes. Your recipients do not need to have a skype account before they can receive your call. You can use your skype time to call any number within the country covered by your subscription on their mobile or land phone.

If I deactivate Microsoft 365 on my computer, what will happen to my files?

If you deactivate Microsoft 365 on your computer, the office app will remain on your computer in read-only mode. With that, you can view your existing documents, but you cannot edit or save them. Also, you cannot create a new document.



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