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Frequently Asked Questions on Using Microsoft Azure and AWS

Azure or AWS, which provides a better job opportunity?

If you are a professional looking for more job opportunities, then you should go for either Azure or AWS, as companies are on the lookout for experts with cloud computing knowledge. Therefore, both Microsoft Azure and AWS are currently filled with opportunities.

Does Azure require coding?

The Azure platform can be studied without having any knowledge of programming. However, to install an application to Azure, you need to write configuration codings or deployment scripts.

How easy AWS and Azure are to learn is based mainly on individuals. Both can be difficult and hard, depending on the passion of the individual.

However, if you are conversant with the Microsoft technology background, Azure will be easier to learn.

What does AWS sell?

AWS offers servers, networking, remote computing, mobile development, security, and storage to its cloud platform users.

What is the difference between AWS and Azure?

AWS and Azure are the prominent clouds used by most organizations. However, they have some significant differences.

For configuration, AWS users can configure their VMS and other pre-set images while Azure, in building a VM, they will have to select the hard disk drive which is pre-set by a third party. They also have to specify the core and memory required.

Both clouds provide temporary storage, but AWS allocates it when an instance begins and destroys it on completion and simple storage service (S30 for storing objects. On the other hand, Azura provides temporary storage in forms of block storage. Page Blobs for VM’s and block Blobs for storing objects.

Get more differences between clouds.

What does Amazon AWS offer?

AWS includes various IaaS and PaaS solutions. However, one of its most popular and largest of these is the EC2 IaaS solutions. Some other ones are:

  1. Load balancing

  2. Networking

  3. PaaS configuration

  4. Content delivery (CloudFront)

  5. Deployment and configuration

  6. Storage(S3 and Glacier products)

  7. Databases(RDS, RedShift, SimpleDB, DynamoDB)

  8. Load balancing

And other information you can find in the Amazon Web Services.

What is diagnostics in Azure?

The Azure Diagnostics VM extension helps you obtain monitoring data like event logs and performance counters from your Window VM. You can also granularly indicate the data you choose to collect and select where you want to place such data like the Azure storage account or/and Azure Event Hub.

Should I use Azure or AWS?

Using either Azure or AWS depends mainly on the company’s decision as both AWS and Azure offer reliable performance.

If you have a company that needs more Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) or requires the use of Windows integration, then Azure is your best option. But if your company needs more Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) or a diverse set of tools, then AWS is your best option.

Although AWS is yet strengthening its system to support hybrid clouds, organizations with hybrid cloud usage can use an integrated onsite server with cloud instances. Azure, on the other hand, is still building its partners’ network. Here is the winner in the cloud war.

Which is cheaper: AWS or Azure?

When it comes to price, Azure is about 12 percent cheaper than AWS because of the affordable on-demand option for general purpose and VMS. But when the maximum discounts are applied, there is no significant difference between both providers.

What are the roles in Azure?

Usually, two service roles are used for application installation when working with the Azure cloud platform. They are majorly web role and worker role. While a web role refers to a piece of internet information that runs on Microsoft VM, a worker role speaks of a Microsoft server VM not running IIS.

Is AWS free to use?

No. AWS is not free to use. However, Amazon Web Services provides what is known as “AWS Free Tier.” This tier is designed to assist new AWS customers in getting started in using the cloud. According to this design, the Free Tier can be used for anything from launching a new application to testing an application already existing in the cloud.

Is Azure easy to learn?

Azure is very easy to learn for a better job opportunity. It is one of the leading cloud platform provider used by organizations. So, you can go for a Microsoft Azure Traning and Certification. It will get employers and recruiters to your doorstep as they search for people with Azure skills.



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