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Hard or Soft Skills: Which Are More Important in Tech

Well, the question appears to be a no-brainer that when it comes to tech, you need hard skills more than the soft skills. Engineers and technocrats spend most of their learning curve acquiring hard skills so that they could become indispensable to the job, and also irreplaceable, at least up to certain extent.

There are many arguments and statements in the tech, where these professionals complain that their soft skills are being given more importance than the ones that they feel more confident about.

Why so?

No doubt, the hard skills are indispensable when it comes to the tech world, yet when it comes to working collaboratively in a team environment, there are skills (called soft) that would be needed apart from the technical expertise. After all, it is people out there who would be working with you-you are never going to work with machines alone ever in your life.

Your emotional response, your interactivity, your openness—all these attributes of your personality are going to play an essential part in your tech life too. You can’t ignore them just as you can’t ignore being technically sound.

Consider working in a system

When you are working in a tech environment, believe that human beings are the elements of a system and there should b a proper communication channel between all of them. There would include agreements, there would be disagreements—there would be meetings, and there would be a decision based on data and information. All these functions of a healthy system require everybody to have specific soft skills. These can’t be ignored entirely just because the work environment is more tech than a human resource.

Bring a mixture of both

The magic lies in gaining both these skills when it comes to working in the tech environment because as you grow in your career and profile, you will have to deal more with people and less with machines. It always comes handy to know how to interact with people and how to influence them with your personality.


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