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Home Automation—Are You Game?

Technology enabling a homeowner to automate routine or scheduled chores and tasks is something that almost everybody has been anticipating, but till now, only geeky and nerdy people got hold of it. Though there is no ‘rule of thumb’ for patterns or protocols, the beauty lies in experimenting, as the mainstream users are gearing up to make their homes smart in more and more numbers. Right from sprinklers, thermostats and even smart electrical appliances, the markets are abuzz with new gadgets hitting the stands on an almost daily basis.

Let’s have a look at some simple items that you can choose to begin your home automation:

  1. Networking

Networking is something that will make your job a lot easier and will assist you in home automation as lots of devices would be connected, and almost the whole house could be covered for range etc.

  1. Hub

You need to pick a hub which will help in controlling various devices at one place, which may include locks, door openers, or even your home theatre etc.

  1. Door locks

Pick a door lock that is compatible with your hub. With these types of locks, you can allow someone in even if you are away, or just want to switch the lights on to make your house more secure.

  1. Sensors

You can start with motion sensors to make your house secure. Further, water sensors can also be installed.

  1. Voice control

With something like Amazon’s Echo, you can do a lot of tasks including setting times, alarms, memorizing, or setting up calendars.

  1. Garage door opener

Though there are not too many options when it comes to getting a garage door opener, yet it is a great automation if you want to allow someone to use your garage while you are away.

  1. Wireless speakers

Though quite costly, these wireless speakers can help you in party tricks, playing the same music in every room etc. Connecting with your home theatre or your Smart TV is also easy.



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