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How ACM is Set To Benefit From The Next Charlotte Program

The Next Charlotte Program is set to further diversify the Charlotte business landscape. For a while now, the business environment is becoming diversified with the growth in the numbers of minority-owned businesses. According to recent US Census data, Black-owned businesses are growing at 35%. Today, there are no less than 21,500 Black-owned businesses in Charlotte. With a total of 2.6 million across the United States.

Despite the growth being enjoyed by minority businesses in Charlotte, they face numerous challenges. In the absence of these challenges, minority-owned businesses would have doubled in number, and success would be recorded exponentially. While several challenges can be pointed at, access to capital and higher entry barriers are prevalent. This continues to wrestle down the ideas and visions of would-be minority entrepreneurs.

This was the thought that led to The Next Charlotte Program’s founding. Further driven by the need to provide mentoring, grants, and resources to these emerging businesses owned by minorities in Charlotte. The NXT|CLT Program is the brainchild of Charlotte advertising agency owner Greg Johnson. The non-profit was founded with the City Manager’s entire weight and other successful minority business owners.

What’s In It For ACM and The Seven Other Entrepreneurs.

The Next Charlotte Programme is built upon the need for mentoring by accomplished business leaders and best-in-class experts. The NXT|CLT will provide grant, mentoring, and resources that The Next Charlotte is positioned to provide. There is more to the program that the beneficiary entrepreneurs are set to enjoy.

The first six months of the 18-month long program will be focused on the professional development of these emerging businesses’ leaders. In line with the business leader’s need, an innovative curriculum to serve as a guide will also be developed. The Next Charlotte also intends to link business owners to industry executives to increase the speed of success.

As part of NXT|CLT, a bespoke coaching plan will be tailored towards meeting A Cultivated Mindset‘s needs in line with available resources. One of the program’s strengths lies in the peer support network. This is to help these entrepreneurs achieve their set goals while aligning with global best practices. Not to forget the $15,000 that ACM qualifies for as a form of financial support for operations and capacity building.  

Final Thought

With Greg Johnson’s The Next Charlotte program’s effort, the city can transform from one where Black business owners hide their identities in the hopes of increasing sales and revenue. For a fact, NXT|CLT is quite timely as there’s an upsurge in the numbers of Black entrepreneurs in the city.

Our belief and hopes at A Cultivated Mindset is that we’ll be better than we were as a brand at the end of the program.


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