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How to Avoid Having too many Ideas and Focus on the Best Ones

As an early business or startup owner, it is normal to have too many ideas for engagement or development. You are inherently looking to network, know, and gain insight from other people and activities, and therefore develop a tendency to think about or focus on more ideas whenever you get a fraction of free time from the central area of your operation.

Though, as mentioned earlier, it is a natural phenomenon, what is equally natural is that there is hardly any money or profit that you could make from these engagements and ideas, but you will feel tired, exhausted and often be ending up feeling baffled by the overwhelming concern that would have been giving to all of them.

Stop! Simply stop!

Instead, do this:

  1. Try pruning through the ideas and concentrate on 2-3 (maximum) best ones—the ones that satisfy your financial needs, and also keep stoking your creative ingenuity. Obviously, there is no need to kill that virus!

  2. Make these ideas work and keep the passion and zeal intact up to the level with which you started these ideas. The waning of interest and a lull period is the dangerous time when your mind will prod you to find more ideas. Pull the mind back and think creatively how to make these existing ideas work. Agreeably, there would be points where you will realize that any of your ideas may not be profitable after all, but that phase should be realized as quickly as possible.

  3. Try finding a connecting line between the ideas that you are working on. Maybe, you can think of them as complementary ideas or connected through the ideology, principle, context or theme etc. If you could achieve this connecting bridge, you will be able to find greater joy and satisfaction by pursuing these ideas together instead of working on completely different strategies that may eventually prove to be opposing each other.


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