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How To Carry Out App Store Optimization

With about 7 million Apps on both Google play store and Apple App Store combined, it is not enough to develop an App alone. You need to be intentional about getting your App to the target audience.

The essence of App Store Optimization is to improve visibility and increase app download. It is the equivalent of Search Engine Optimization for mobile apps.

What Is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization, also known as App Store SEO, ensures users discover your App, click and download it. In this case, the rating and review of your App are important.

What are the rules to achieving App Store Optimization? The title or App name, App keywords, App Icon, and description, as well as ratings and reviews, are areas you need to focus on to achieve App Store Optimization.

1. Choose a Unique, Relevant, and Appealing App Name

More than 50% of App users said they discover new Apps through App store searches. And what better way to search for Apps than using words contained in the App name or title?

The App title is the first thing people will see in the search result; it should be catchy enough to entice users to want to download your App. The number of characters allowed for App title in the Apple App Store is 30 characters, while Google Playstore allows up to 50 characters. The name should be unique and relevant. More importantly, it should describe the App's content and purpose.

Do not use an App title that is too general. Also, avoid using an App name that deviates from the content of the App.

2. Research and Use Keywords Wisely

Keywords research is an important part of App Store Optimization. However, you cannot know the right keywords without the help of your prospective users.

Find the keywords people use while searching for Apps similar to yours. In this case, your competitor is your source of inspiration. Use tools like Wordtracker, Google Word Planner, and App Annie to know the popular search terms.

Avoid keyword stuffing. Don't lift keywords from your competitors; use synonyms instead.

3. Google Looks at Your App Title

Your App description gives insight into your App. However, people rarely read beyond the first three lines. That's the hook.

You must include relevant keywords in the description. For App Store optimization, your description must be persuasive, convincing, compelling, and representative of the App's features, how to use it, and its advantages over others.

4. Leverage On Your App Screenshot and Video

While the App description uses words, App Screenshot is a compilation of visuals compelling people to take a second look at your App. Follow the App store specific screenshot guidelines. Optimize your App screenshot for tablet and desktop where applicable. Mix short but high-quality videos and images. Endeavor to showcase the best features of your App in the first three screenshots.

5. Settle for an App Icon That Catches Attention

The first step towards App Store Optimization is getting the icon right. App icons create the first impression of any brand. And everybody knows that first impression matters. Your App icon must be original and creative but memorable.

Don't use complicated shapes and designs. Simplicity is the key to a unique App icon design. Ensure the shape and color of your icon represents a core function of your App. You do not need words for your icon to be appealing to users.

6. Pay Attention to App Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and feedback allow you to know the thoughts and opinions of your users. Feedbacks help you to improve your App functionality and, ultimately, your rating. To utilize this to achieve App store optimization, you need to take constructive criticism seriously and upgrade your App based on popular demand. Also, rather than depending on the feedback of your developers alone, you can get beta testers on the Google Play Store or use Apple TestFlight on iOS.

Final Thoughts

As Rome was not built in a day, neither can your App's optimization. It takes consistent effort, time, and persistence.

Do not leave the success of your App to chance. Work on the aspects mentioned above to increase your App rate of download.

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