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How To Choose The Best Colour For The User Interface

The most important concern that every UI designer confronts is choosing the right color for the user interface. While no particular idea can work all the situations, the best solution will depend on several factors taking into account the user expectations, business objectives, market scenario and the current trends in designing. Here are a set of guidelines to choose the best UI color.

Interface Color

What factors must govern the UI color choice?

  1. Legibility and readability: The ability to clearly see the content given in the text. Readability also defines how easily the users can read through the content.

  2. Accessibility: This factor will otherwise mean the capability of the web or mobile interface to reach out as many people as possible and assure a great functionality without any discrimination.

  3. Clarity: This aspect corresponds to the ability to distinguish the important details on the page or screen. This aspect will also include the intuitiveness of navigation and also the visual hierarchy.

  4. Responsiveness: This will mean the stylistic aspect of the design across multiple devices since the color scheme can impact the shape, color and copy perceptions.

  5. Environment: Concerns such as whether the predominant use is under the natural light or the badly lit environment. This will decide whether to deploy a dark background or a lighter one.

Checklist to fine tune the UI color selection process

  1. List out the objectives the interface needs to meet as it is visually driven and the right deployment of the background is crucial to assure a stylish and luxurious look.

  2. Understand the target audience and ascertain what they expect to get from the interface. This can set the solid base for a highly useful and attractive interface.

  3. Study the competition so that you can create an outstanding interface that can really stand out from the rest of the current market.

  4. Test it on various screens and under diverse conditions to find out the positive as well as negative sides of the color scheme.



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