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How To Create And Edit A Wiki

While using SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server 2016, here is how you can create and edit a wiki. You may understand wiki as a site featuring simple pages that are linked together. The main objective of a wiki is to facilitate sharing ideas quickly among the group members. Many organizations use the wiki for a variety of purposes due to its versatility and resourcefulness. An Enterprise wiki lets you share huge volumes of information, which comes in handy for firms dealing with big data. On the other hand, a team site can help gather and share ideas pertaining to a particular project. Here we learn how to create and edit wiki on SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2016.

How To Create And Edit A Wiki

How to create a Wiki page library

In a team site, you can create every new page in the site pages library. If this can suffice your requirements, you will not need to create a wiki page library. If you wish to manage your wiki independently, you will have to create a wiki page library with the following steps.

  1. Click on Settings and then click on Add an App.

  2. In the search field, type in Wiki and click on the search icon.

  3. Alternatively, you can also visit the wiki page library by scrolling through.

  4. Type in a new name for the new wiki pages library.

  5. Click on Create.

  6. For adding users, click on the Share button for SharePoint 2016 found on the upper right of the page.

  7. Enter the names or email addresses or ‘Everyone’ in the share wiki dialogue box. If you have group aliases, you can also add them. As you keep entering the names, the server verifies if the user accounts or the aliases exist.

  8. Click on ‘Share’ to save.

How to create an Enterprise wiki site

If you feel an Enterprise wiki is the right solution for your organization, you can choose to create a full-fledged Enterprise wiki as its own site collection.

You will find the Enterprise wiki on the publishing tab in the template collection. Until the publishing features are not enabled, you will not be able to see the publishing tab. Here is how you can create an Enterprise wiki site as a subsite.

  1. Go to the site where you wish to create an Enterprise wiki. Click on Settings and then click Site contents.

  2. Go to the site contents page. Click on New+ and then on the subsite. Alternatively, you can also click on a new subsite.

  3. Type in a name and URL name for the site on the new SharePoint site page.

  4. Go to the template selection section and click on publishing and then select Enterprise wiki.

  5. For setting unique permission, click on Use unique permissions.

  6. Click on Create.

By going to the Setup groups for this site, you can leave the default, add or change the groups.

Later when you wish to configure the site permissions and other types of settings for the Enterprise wiki site, you can click on Share.



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