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How to Get Hired in the Mobile App Support Industry

Let’s state this clearly before going in-depth into the blog; while you are wondering how to get hired in the mobile app support industry, your potential employers are also searching for how to hire the best hands for their mobile app support. That’s to say, while you are interested in being the employee that employers want, the employers are also in search of the perfect employees.

Hiring capable hands as part of the mobile app support team is always a priority on any forward thinking business plans. That’s to tell you that there is a mobile app developer or a business out there in need of your services. To get hired, we’ll try to follow what every potential employer is likely to do to hire anyone for their mobile app support.

Firstly, ponder about what your potential employer is likely to do;

  1. Where to hire for mobile app support

  2. What are the benefits you are likely to bring to their mobile app support team?

  3. What are the questions that should be asked to arrive at the perfect candidate?

  4. Drawing out a checklist of what to look for in the perfect candidate

  5. What’s the best procedure to follow to hire the perfect candidate?

In line with this, to help you get hired in the mobile app support industry, we’ll answer the questions to suit your needs and position you as the perfect candidate;

1. Where To Hire For The Mobile App Support Team

There are options for the recruiter to choose from. Your role as the potential employee is to position yourself where the recruiter is likely to look.

Social Media

Don’t underrate the role social media play in filling up roles today. Today, recruiters comb social media in search of the perfect candidate. Aside from social media, there are also online directories such as Clutch, AppFutura, and GoodFirms.

Maximize the opportunities these social media and online directories offer. Position yourself on these outlets as a mobile app support specialist.

Freelance Websites

You may not be a fan of freelance platforms, but if you want to make it easier to get hired, you need to take your position on these platforms. We are talking about Fiverr,, Upwork, and others.

Just know that recruiters who use these platforms are aiming for affordable mobile app support employees.

Mobile App Support Agencies

You may decide to be part of a mobile app support agency or float one. When businesses want the highest quality available, they turn to these agencies. You must know your onions if you decide to take this route. There may be a need to hire other capable hands, as you’ll be swamped with tasks in little time.

Know your onions and be able to prove it in the shortest time possible.

2. What Benefits Are You Bringing To The App and The Mobile App Support Team?

This is another area of concern for businesses in need of a mobile app support specialist. Different yardsticks employed to measure the benefits accruable from hiring a mobile app support specialist.The yardstick is dependent on what the business set as a goal for the app. The essential benefits expected will, however, cover these five key areas;

  1. Great quality-cost ratio

  2. Risk management

  3. Understanding of the customer experience

  4. Pre and post-launch support and maintenance

  5. Time-saving

Suppose you can prove to be capable in deliver in these 5 key areas. In that case, you are likely to find the recruiter sending you congratulatory mail soon.

3. What Are The Questions to Be Asked to Arrive at The Perfect Candidate?

The recruiter will want to know about your years of experience as a mobile app support professional for a start. Your technical proficiency and specialization is another area of concern the recruiter will test you on. Next will be the number of successful mobile app support projects you’ve handled in the past.

Be ready to showcase your awards, achievements, and technical certifications, also as a mobile app support professional. The recruiter will also be interested in your knowledge of their products.

More so, get ready to prove your mettle in the above areas, and you are going to find it easy to get hired in the mobile app support industry.

4. What Are The Recruiters Looking For In Their Potential Employees

To gain insight into this, you should dig a bit into the mobile app of the hirer. Try and know the flaws, weaknesses, and strengths of their mobile app. This more like a rejoinder to the last point on questions to be asked.

This could range from industry experience, English proficiency, rates, payment process, bug fixing, and many other areas of concern. Be ready to show the recruiter you meet up in these areas. You can only know the criteria by doing adequate research about the company and its app.

5. What’s The Best Procedure to Hire The Best Candidate?

Be aware that the recruiter will be doing all that is possible to avoid hiring the wrong candidate. That’s the more reason why you have to position yourself also as the best candidate. Nonetheless, it starts with the remuneration; a low price tag may not get you hired. Recruiters know that quality does not equate to a low price. Therefore, they may not consider price when hiring for their mobile app support.

You’ve got to be able to showcase adequate knowledge about the mobile app and its business. That way, the recruiter knows you’ll deliver when hired.

Final Thoughts

Getting hired in the mobile app support industry does not come easy. You need to be able to prove beyond doubt that you are the best candidate for the job.

Conclusively, be sure you have a perfect understanding of what individual clients need before the interview process. This will provide you a soft landing and increase your chances of getting the job.


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