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How to Sell Mobile App Design to a Skeptic

While you may be skilled in selling a mobile app design to large companies, small businesses, or consumers, selling to a skeptic is a different ball game.

Just know that the skeptic is well aware of the mobile buzzword being thrown around. You’ll have a challenging task convincing the skeptic of the era of mobility we are in. Of a fact, our everyday work, hobbies, loved ones, travel, and chores are now heavily reliant on mobile app functionalities.

It’s not going to be an easy sell.

You have the task of convincing a misbeliever that your mobile app design trounces whatever is currently available on app stores. When trying to sell your designs, have at the back of your mind that doubters buy products and services every day.

Nonetheless, this will be a walkover for you if you can make use of these tips;

1. Have a Clear Understanding of Your Mobile App Design

Remember, you are not selling to a regular buyer; you must be well prepared to answer whatever question asked. This means that you should be able to explain to the buyer like he’s six years old.

Most importantly, the strengths and weaknesses of the mobile app design must be known to you.

A skeptic is always nursing suspicion, and your task is to be able to put this suspicion to rest with your responses without stuttering and stammering.

2. Know Your Buyer

Of course, the buyer is skeptical, but that’s enough details. Before meeting the buyer, please do thorough research to have an understanding of their motivating factor, interests, and concerns.

Not to forget the buying habits of your prospect. This will guide you in your pitch.

Find a way to skim your mobile app design into their buying habits. This will make your task of convincing the buyer easier.

3. Compare and Differentiate Your Mobile App Design To Competition

You need to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt why the skeptic should choose your mobile app design over existing competition. This will require that, aside from your product, you must know the strengths and weaknesses of the competition.

Exploit their weaknesses and prove to the buyer that you have a superior product.

Let the buyer know what your mobile app design has that others don’t have and what others fail at, but you thrive in.

4. Don’t Act, Sound and Look Desperate

All of your hard work and effort could amount to nothing if your buyer senses an ounce of desperation in your tone, body language, and actions.

Skeptics are who they are because they can smell desperation a mile away.

Instead, pitch your mobile app design with confidence without failing to point out the flaws and where it excels. Just add a bit of energy, enthusiasm, and passion into your sales pitch.

5. Build and Sell a Relationship, Not Just The Mobile App Design

The best salespeople are not those who just close deals but those who build relationships. In your bid to sell your design to skeptics, don’t be carried away by the task of just closing a deal. Make it a point to foster a long-lasting relationship.

Don’t let it be a one-off business transaction. Convert the skeptic, and you’ll find it easier to reach people of the same characteristics.

When you build a relationship with a skeptic, you are building trust and transparency.

Final Thoughts

You’ve got a tough job on your hands. Skeptics are always a hard nut to crack.

Albeit, we’ve made it even easier for you to crack it and sell your mobile app design. Just be smart in applying these tips, and you’ll see them falling head over heels for your design.

Have you dealt with a skeptic before? We’ll love to hear about your experiences.


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