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ID Cards Of Chinese Citizens Are Moving On To Smartphones

Tencent and Alibaba are found in a stiff competition with each other to get a Universal ID of Chinese Citizens. Now Alibaba is adding digital IDs to its payment app across three cities namely Quzhou, Fuzhou, and Hangzhou. Notably, national identity is a very important aspect of life in China. Back in 2017, Tencent was on the News for bringing a digital ID system on WeChat for one of the largest cities of China namely Guangzhou.

ID Cards Of Chinese Citizens Are Moving On To Smartphones

So far Tencent and Alibaba are battling out their way to strengthen the ubiquitous payment system. Now they are seen competing to grab cities to move the ID cards on to smartphones in their digital format.

Creating a digital ID for the Alipay version is just simple as selecting the ‘Web ID’ under the ‘Card Wallet’ and scanning their faces.

The Public Security Bureau is issuing ID cards to the Chinese citizens at the age of 16. About 1.4 billion citizens of China which are roughly about 60% of the total population now own a smartphone.

Within 7 years of its debut, WeChat has now got 902 million users in an average on a day. These statistics show that almost everyone in China owns a smartphone.

The ruling Tech dynasty of China is highly in favor of deploying artificial intelligence to promote the country’s stability as well as fuel economic growth. Given this scenario, we can hope to see WeChat can become the country’s electronic ID system.

Since the national ID card is considered as the official document for personal identification provided by the Public Security Bureau, having digital ID is highly essential in China where social credit rating will be linked to all citizens by 2020.

China is seen inventing vigorously in the mobile world pointing out to the possibility that the country will become the first mover in the IoE (Internet of everything). The promising trends in the Chinese integration of ID into the mobile app will only mean that China’s internet is going to be more streamlined bundled with sophisticated features and an easy user experience.



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