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Interesting React Native Tools For Your Upcoming Project

Today React Native has become the most popular and the most widely used JavaScript framework code library. React Native lets JavaScript developers create stunning native mobile apps with attractive user interfaces. The most important factor that makes react Native highly desirable is its ability to support both Android and iOS development. Here are a few React Native tools that can help accelerate the app development process which you can make use of in your upcoming project.


This open source text editor is reputed for its hackability and easy approach. It can support Mac, Linux, and Windows. Atom facilitates choosing from different open source packages for achieving more functions and features. The various aspects of this text editor are an in-built package manager, multiple file navigation through a single window, amazing themes and designs, and cross-platform editing.


This free to use React Native tool facilitates hackability. The support from a huge community of developers is an added advantage. The built-in support for Flow includes inline errors, jump-to-definition, and auto-complete features. The various services it offers include Remote and JavaScript development, working sets, task runner, hack development, in-built debugging, and mercurial support.

Visual Studio Code

Created by Microsoft, this versatile React Native code editor can support JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js. this program also features an elaborate support system to support other runtimes like Unity and .NET and languages like C++, C#, Java, PHP, and Python. The perfect combination of tools for source code editing and developing like debugging and IntelliSense code completion make it a unique program. It can support a variety of platforms like Mac, Windows, and Linux.


This is a React Native tool chain free to use. The different features of this program include community forums, clack community, and documentation. It provides a rich source of React Native components with Expo SDK library as a highly desirable feature. Developers find the native APIs very useful for both iOS and Android platforms.


This React Native programming tool facilitates static typing and highly reliable, fast and simplified coding experience. You can customize it with JavaScript and type interface. The different types of services include real-time feedback and ease of integration. With the help of static typing annotations, this program can monitor errors in the code.


Highly appreciated for its live coding feature and a time-travelling debugger, Redux can help develop applications that can run in both native and front-end platforms. It works very well with React.js and other view libraries.


Running on JSX and JavaScript libraries, ESLint helps in detecting the errors you will come across while programming and also exploring the present source code. Operating on Node.js, it can support developing apps that can run on Mac, Linux and Windows. Transparency, in-built plugins and clear documentation are its top features.


Comprising of plugins and boilerplate, Ignite CLI is a free to use React Native tool chain. It facilitates access to several boilerplates and helps supporting plugins. Meant for both iOS and Android, the different services offered by this program are customizable usage examples, components and themes and API testing.



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