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Interface Designing is More Than Visual Artistry

If you have been designing products and features for your clients, you already know that visual appeal is everything when it comes to creating a good design, but is that all? Is there nothing beyond the colors and drawings that you work with? Do you like to create a scheme that has limited consideration of the type of the product and even the specific business requirements that the client may have?

Well, designing for a product is more than simply visual artistry because it is you who will be making sure that the functionality and usability of a product become easier and smooth for the users. It is your creativity and understanding of the product that will enhance its appeal to the users—the degree of ease will also be delivered through a good design.

So, as a designer, you hold the key to building a good interface connecting the product and the user.

Some considerations you have to make before designing an interface:

  1. Does your design solve problems and make it easy for the users to use the product?

  2. Is it feasible for the client to develop your design or is it going beyond the scope of resources or the budget that the client has?

  3. Are the visual elements rolling over the usability factor?

  4. Is it unique or are your creating look-alikes of other products?

All the above considerations will be significant for every product that you work with. Every company or client will have a different set of requirements, vision, and the resources to develop and implement the design that you will be building. So, as a designer, you need to think beyond the education and experience that you have, and almost think as a product manager or wear the shoes of the client itself.



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