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Merely Interfaces don’t Define a Great User Experience

For a layman or even the amateurs, the concept of excellent user experience is often limited to design-driven ideas and following the set rules and patterns defined by the industry and standardized by the experts.

Yet, there is much to beautiful and useful user experience than simple interfaces, colors, and navigation, etc.

Apart from the basic and classic concepts of design, here are a few items that will constitute a great user experience and will help you design a better product:

  1. Are your notifications troubling the users and doing nothing else?—if your strategy is to annoy users with emails, SMS or even push notifications; you are not providing great user experience.

  2. Keep the process simple, easy, and visible. In every product, there are few discouraged actions like deleting the account or even changing the payment method, but if you keep them obscure and users find it difficult to find those links or buttons, you are not providing great user experience.

  3. Customer support is also a crucial aspect of great user experience. As designers working in a good organization, you should be in continuous contact with the customer service department so that you could be on top of the issues faced by real users.

  4. Ask the marketing department if they have some features that are appealing more to the clients and some features that they don’t like.


Excellent user experience is a combined effort of all the departments of an organization and should never be limited to colors, navigation, and typography. Yes, these elements are essential but not exclusively responsible. As an organization or a business manager, it is necessary to make everybody understand this and pitch in feedback and inputs so that the designers could work on creating a useful product or feature.



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