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Popular Microsoft Azure Trends For 2020

The tech world is increasingly dynamic and so is every sphere of it. Cloud computing is changing to keep up with new technological developments. Microsoft Azure is not left out in this journey. It rather grows with every trend. For this reason, you, as a subscriber also need to routinely update yourself with new features and trends.

You could be an Azure expert or a business person. So long you have adopted the cloud computing services, it is vital that you get familiar with these subsequent latest trends.

Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the Azure trends for 2020 has to do with the Internet of Things (IoT). There is a consistent change in businesses and market requirements. This has prompted the development and adoption of IoT. This very approach has facilitated a significant development in the cloud infrastructure in recent years. For companies that develop applications, IoT is of their central topics. This is because tablets and smartphones are the next big things.

Moving Towards Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Another popular Microsoft Azure trend in 2020 is moving towards artificial intelligence. AI has suddenly taken the center stage. Every tech organization is moving toward AI. Cloud computing seems to be leading in the quest to advance AI. It has the tendency of reducing resource problems associated with organizational management.

Microsoft Azure recognizes the essence of promoting global security architecture and it trends. Although security concerns can be rightly viewed as a global trend, the emphasis and contribution from Azure make it more prominent. This is understandable because the company can be trusted for a very good level of security on the cloud.

Cloud is Getting Easier

Another important Azure trend is making the cloud easier for users. Their effort in this regard has positioned the cloud as an irresistible tool for organizational operations all over the world. Loads of hassles have been removed from the past way of doing things on the cloud. Now, both old and emerging companies have an easy walkover.

API Support

API feature of Azure is also among the 2020 Microsoft Azure trends. This has been upgraded to accommodate more functions than ever. With the new features, big enterprises that operate on the Azure platform now have the refreshed opportunity to run business-critical workloads on the platform. They can as well make use of automated deployment facility and management resources to oversee as many subscriptions as they have.

On the Azure API support, there are solutions that are also run smoothly with self-help resources. These solutions include a diagnostic feature that facilitates problem-solving on the platform. This feature also makes it easy for users to create support tickets, which enables them to work with technical support engineers directly.

There are so many sides to what this very feature can do. Users can easily automate support procedures. By doing this, users will be able to move faster in the cloud business by concentrating on their specific interests.

There were identified complexities with application monitoring. Such concerns were live. With an API integration facility, the story is now different. Integrating websites and internal monitoring applications with Azure support ticket has remained one of the most popular demands on the Azure platform. With Azure API, however, this demand has been met.

Serverless Computing is cool

Serverless computing and its significant impacts on the cloud storage facilities are among the top trending features of Microsoft Azure. It is not that serverless computing is enjoying unprecedented popularity. This is an extensive storage window with lots of new functions designed to aid the Azure interface. It was all a mere thought. But the need for paradigm shift grew to necessitate this new feature.

For the purpose it serves, serverless is modeled for a pay as you go billing method. This makes it even more flexible, which empowers more organizations to have command over whatever they are to spend on cloud hosting.

Last on this list is the Edge Computing system. This is purely an Azure infrastructure service. It is an extension of Azure public cloud, designed to function effectively on 5G telecom networks.

Wrap Up

Microsoft Azure is dope. People, in the categories of individuals and businesses, have realized this. There is no known replacement for the products and services offered by cloud facilities. Therefore, Azure remains the best fit for organizations that want to grow.



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