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Popular React Native Development Tools That Might Interest You

When it comes to mobile app development, the developers have access to a large number of tools and technologies to choose from. However, it is not possible to make a random pick. When you are into programming, you must be able to meet the exact needs of your clients in an effective way and at an affordable cost. It is also important to match the expected output timeline. If you wish to achieve these parameters, you must make the right selection of the technology you will use. These days, React Native has popularly grabbed the attention of the developers by helping them create powerful mobile apps. Here are some popular React Native development tools that might interest you.


This is an open-source text editor developed by GitHub. It can work equally well on different kinds of platforms including Linux, OS X, and Windows. The programming language used for writing is Electron. The services it offers include editing on the cross-platform, in-built package manager, smart auto-completion, ability to browse multiple files in a single window and customizable designs and themes.


This is a tool developed around React Native and is meant for creating iOS and Android apps with the help of React Native and JavaScript languages. This open-source technology is developed by Expo and some of the services it offers are documentation, community forms, slack community, and a range of very useful development tools.


This is an open-source tool that works on JavaScript and JSX to analyze the source code and find out the programming errors if any. Running on Node.js, it is cross-platform compatible on Windows, Mac, and Linux. A lot of React Native developers look up to this tool as it facilitates clear documentation and communication, transparency, customizable plugins, in-built plugins, and many others.


This tool is highly recommended by React Native Programmers due to its static typing feature. This tool allows for faster and smarter coding that can also be highly relied upon. The services it offers include type inference, customizable JavaScript, easy integration, feedback in real-time and others.


Nuclide is yet another open-source React Native tool that assists the developers in software development. The aspects that make it highly preferred are it facilitates hackability and enables access to a community that can help in several ways. The services it offers include inbuilt debugging, remote development, hack development, JavaScript development, task runner, working sets, and mercurial support besides many others.

Visual Studio Code

Developed by Microsoft, Visual Studio Code is a powerful and yet an open-source code editor. Working on cross platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux, this code has been developed in the programming language including TypeScript, JavaScript and Cascading Style sheets. It rich functionalities include debugging codes, customizable and extendable themes and languages, in-built Git command and smart coding with Intellisense besides some others.

Final note

Pick the right tools that can suit your purpose and scenario very well and make your app development process on React Native extremely easy and highly enjoyable besides meeting the best of your clients’ expectations.



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