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Role of SharePoint Online in Microsoft Office 365

Everyone creates and keeps lots of information that can be in the form of documents, data, images, and videos. And due to secure safekeeping, most prefer to store information on their personal computers, which sadly isn’t as safe as using Microsoft SharePoint.

So today, we’ll be looking at what is the role of SharePoint online Microsoft Office 365.

SharePoint Online’s role has evolved from a simple task and project managing platform to a comprehensive tool for site creation and primary storage for Office 365.

SharePoint isn’t exactly new technology. It has been around for decades; however, in recent years has been through extensive refining to optimize its functionalities for online collaborative workspaces. Today, Microsoft SharePoint is the cloud-based tool used by 365 Office for information sharing and managing.

According to Microsoft, SharePoint functions revolve around three goals important for many organizations communicating and managing their projects online. 

  1. Improve Teamwork 

  2. Increase Information Accessibility and Visibility 

  3. Seamless Collaboration Within Organizations

Microsoft offers several resources online that can help you get started with SharePoint. These different write-ups are dedicated to readers with varying levels of familiarity with SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

This article will discuss the basic information you need to help you get started in utilizing SharePoint as your main project and communication platform in your organization.

Migration: Moving Your Data 

SharePoint allows you to compile and index all your files in one storage platform. Migrating your data to OneDrive is usually the first thing you need to do when transitioning to SharePoint.

These migration tasks are usually accessible to new users. However, if you run into some trouble or feel more comfortable with professional assistants guiding you in these tasks, there are services and SharePoint certified partners you can access.

Governance: Securing Classified Information

Microsoft offers a comprehensive security plan for the information you store on Microsoft 365. This allows users to store sensitive data with ease and peace of mind.

The governance function on OneDrive will allow you to manage, control, and limit access to certain classified files that you might want to protect.

There are other settings and functionalities to choose from in OneDrive to protect your data. For more information on how you can best protect sensitive files and data, seek resources from Microsoft itself.

Collaboration: Working Seamlessly Online 

The most crucial element of an online workspace is the ability to quickly and seamlessly co-author documents regardless of location. This function will allow you to productively and securely collaborate with people in and out of your organization.

Customizing and Training in SharePoint 

Microsoft maintains SharePoint traditional functions of designing and managing intuitive workspaces and sites. The platform is equipped with tools and has many settings you can change to optimize your workspace to the needs of your organization.

There are a plethora of online forums and websites, who ponder on matters concerning SharePoint. As such, if you encounter any difficulty while using SharePoint, don’t hesitate to go online.

Search on Google, and you’ll be amazed at the vast array of solutions that will popup. This way, you’ll even realize that event the seemingly hardest challenge in SharePoint is not so hard after all.

If you are an administrator looking to teach your employees and coworkers how to navigate SharePoint as an online workspace, Microsoft offers great resources.

Training modules and teaching tips are also provided.



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