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Smart Clothing—Are You Game?

IoT (Internet of Things) is changing lives for better and more and more items used are being enabled to be smart—clothing can never be out of the ambit because it is one of the most used things in the world. Smart clothing has been known to help in providing heat, light and also sensing capabilities. Well, the future is here, and we are staring right at it! Many companies are already trying their hands in developing the smart clothing technology and devices that could gather the required data for the process of applications.

To know better about how smart clothing can help us, let’s get more information on the known user-cases of smart clothing:

  1. Locating missing people

With the help of smart clothing, a person’s movement and whereabouts could be located, which could help in locating if they go missing. This is particularly helpful for children and the elderly. Further, this application of smart clothing can be applied to some of the pets too.

  1. Alarming the emergency services in case of fatal accidents

Because the smart clothing can have sensing capabilities, in the case of a fatal accident, it can sense the impact trauma and alarm the nearest emergency services to rush quickly to the location of the accident and provide needed help. This could potentially save lives.

  1. Safety on the road

Particularly helpful to constructions workers, the smart clothing can provide light in the evening or in the night just to make sure the workers can be spotted and the vehicles could avoid hitting them.

The Future is on

The applications and capabilities, as the industry keeps developing, of the smart clothing would keep on increasing and more inclusive bring a change in the way clothing is seen as a must-have or an accessory. The future for smart clothing is on and it seems bright!



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