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Social VR Is Going To Be The Future Of Social media

Social VR is fast growing to become the future of social media as it has immense potentials to revolutionize the online interactions. This is the reason why Facebook has invested a huge deal in VR. Following the launch of Samsung’s Gear VR headset meant for the mobile phones, Zuckerberg now says, “VR is going to be the most social platform.

Social VR Is Going To Be The Future Of Social media

The best is still to come”. Since their launch, only gaming enthusiasts have accounted for the majority of VR headset sales. Nevertheless, industry leaders have an opinion that social experiences can bring people to take an active interest in VR.

Why do we say VR is fast changing the social media game?

The basic reason why a lot of customers are not highly excited about VR technology is that there is no quality content available in this realm. This is because it is very expensive to produce quality content on VR platform. Therefore we have enough reasons to conclude that social networks in the domain of VR can certainly change the game. To drive this lesson clearer, Vinay Narayan, VR Product Management, HTC Vive says, “You can get bored of a platform but not of people interacting with each other through that platform.”

Some great VR innovations creating strides

  1. vTime developed by Starship Studio is perhaps the best conglomeration of all the features you will need to find in VR for applying it to a social media platform. vTime makes it possible for four people from four different parts of the globe to seamlessly interact with each other in a shared space.

  2. Rec Room is a startling VR platform that has added fun-twists on the conventional games in order to gamify the act of socializing. It facilitates playing games with anyone who is online. Rec Room is today regarded as the ideal platform for playing multiplayer VR games.

  3. VRChat has become very popular with YouTubers as it enables users to add their own content to the world. VRChat has succeeded in creating a VR space that people have always dreamt of.



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