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The Best Plugins You Can Use For Content Marketing On WordPress

Content marketing is a challenging and tricky topic. However, with the deployment of the right kind of plugins, your website can turn into a content marketing machine that can perform well for your business. Here we discuss a few incredible plugins that can let you do an easy job in these lines.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing refers to the act of producing a piece of content that might be useful to the audience in your industry niche. Usually, this content available for free distribution is hidden behind a lead capture or email form. The viewers can access this through a search or low-budget distribution method. This concept is also called permission marketing. By searching for your content, clicking on your link, and reading it, the viewers indicate that they have permitted you to market this content to them.

Content marketing Vs interruptive marketing

The idea of interruptive marketing can be understood as juxtaposing your content with some conventional tactics of marketing that interrupt your audience while reading. While the customers are consuming your content, the pop-up message might blast in their faces based on the assumption that the readers are not bothered by these messages that they get to see while reading the content they want. Most of such advertisements break the concentration of your audience and take out their time. They are seen to ruin their experience while going through an exciting piece of information. Hence content marketing is more preferred by marketers than interruptive marketing.

Why content marketing works?

  1. Content marketing strategy does not interrupt your audience or take them away from the content they are interested in.

  2. Since they search for your content and choose to read it, it means your content itself interests them.

  3. You give them something that they value and in the process make them learn about your business.

Content marketing and WordPress

Though content marketing can be done from any CMS (content management system), WordPress is especially suitable for content marketing. The WordPress ecosystem is seen highly equipped with the features that can ably support your content marketing as well as SEO efforts.

The best content marketing plugins you can use on WordPress

The best content marketing plugins you can think of for your WordPress site are here. You can choose the right one, depending on the strategy you are contemplating for your content marketing.

  1. Yoast

This is especially useful for your SEO efforts.

  1. OptinMonster

This is one of the best plugins for including pop-up messages.

  1. Gravity Forms

This plugin is very popularly used for lead capture.

  1. Google Analytics

This is a useful tool to find out which content is doing the best over the others.

Some nice plugins that can make your content marketing easier

  1. Beaver Builder (works well for landing or downloading pages).

  2. Quoteability (useful to meet the needs of Twitter-friendly viewers who are ready to tweet out quotes).

  3. Perfect Pullquotes (helps incorporate some interesting visual elements into your blog posts).

  4. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (helps engage the readers best by making them stay on the page)

  5. Max Buttons (enables add calls-to-action to your content when your theme does not have built-in buttons)

How to choose the right plugin

This list can slightly vary for your website, depending on the theme or framework you are running. If yours has a built-in function, you might not need a particular plugin at all. Also, some plugins might not work with your site. Especially when you are working with a WordPress site, you must make sure through testing that the plugin you choose is suitable for your website.



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