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The Minimal Requirements of a Functional Tech Startup

Depending upon the nature of the business, every business unit or a startup would have a different kind of requirements to run an office. But in most of the early-stage tech startups, few main activities are being focused on writing code or designing hardware, etc. So, keeping these two activities in sight, we are listing items and facilities that will be required on a minimal basis for such startups to be functional:

  1. Computers/Laptops: For a great hard-core coding experience, you need to have very sustainable computers or laptops as per the preference of the team, and also multiple monitors.

  2. High-speed Internet: It should not be a requirement even because it is like breathing. If you don’t have a high-speed wi-fi and wired internet facility, you are not running a tech startup. Start doing vegetables instead!

  3. Tables or Desks & Chairs: To make sure the team is provided with the most suitable, ergonomically suitable and comfortable desks and chairs for long-hour work, you need to set a special budget. There is no excuse for this!

  4. Whiteboards: Whiteboards are almost indispensable in a tech startup.

  5. Phones: Though initially personal smartphones of the team members will fill in the place, but as you grow, you will need to go for desk phones.

  6. Software: Depending upon the type of work your startup does, you will need related software tools to make sure every team member is technologically enabled.

  7. Food/Pantry: Never underestimate the power and attraction of a good pantry and snacks in a tech startup regarding attracting great talent and also making sure that you are a considerate employer. It is referred to as one of the highlights in the job descriptions posted on various job boards.

Apart from these fundamental requirements, there would be others too that may vary according to geography, culture, personal interest and passion, and also on the habits of the team members.


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