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The Role of Prototyping in Designing

In the designing arena, prototyping refers to evolving a test model that will help mimic the end user experience. The feedback gained from prototyping can help refine the designs to perfection. The reliability of the prototypes depends on the stage of the designing process. However, without prototyping designing can never yield best results. Prototyping helps achieve several ends apart from providing insights into the users’ behavior such as saving money and time during the development process.

Low-fidelity prototyping

During the early stages of the designing process, prototyping tools like InVision, UXPin, and Balsamiq can make visualizing ideas easier and quicker so that much time is not wasted on designing. The main focus of prototyping at this stage is functionality.

High-fidelity prototyping

During the advanced stages of designing high-fidelity prototyping comes to use by continue the testing process and learn useful insights. Several phases of user and client feedbacks can help in refining the designs and get them customized for the target users. High-fidelity prototypes are more useful since they resemble the final content in appearance and behavior. This will make it easy for the developers to get aligned with the users in a great way.

Invaluable advantages of prototyping

Prototype can be explained as a kind of reiterative process. This means the developers get to design, test and also iterate in order to perfect the designing process. We can say prototyping is a highly useful cycle that can be applied on any project where we expect the best results.

Companies that rely on prototyping are able to reap incredible rewards in terms of not having to rebuild or redesign the content since prototyping lets them know very well in advance what will work for the audience.

The future prospects of prototyping

Prototyping presents the designers with invaluable benefits and hence we can presume that it will continue to enjoy a high degree of popularity among the clients in future. One can easily distinguish a content that is prototyped and the one not prototyped.



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