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Think You’re Cut Out for Doing React Js? Take This Quiz

This post is for you if you are an aspiring React Js developer, or you want to prove your mettle as a React Js developer. We’ll assume you’ve been preparing for a React Js interview and this questions are meant to guide you.

In this post, the React Js quiz will be in the form of multiple choice questions

1. In which directory are React components saved?

a. Inside external/components/

b. Inside vendor/components/

c. Inside vendor/

d. Inside js/components/

2. How many element does a react component return?

a. 1 Element

b. 2 Elements

c. Multiple Elements

d. Uncountable Elements

3. What is Babel?

a. A Compiler

b. An Interpreter

c. A Transpiler

d. Both Compiler and Transpilar

4. How is data handled in React Js?

a. State and Prop

b. Services and Components

c. State and Components

d. Services and Prop

5. What is a react.js in MVC?

a. Controller

b. Model

c. Router

d. Middleware

6. Pick the correct data flow sequence of flux concept

a. Action>Dispatcher>View>Store

b. Action>Store>Dispatcher>View

c. Dispatcher>Action>Store>View

d. Action>Dispatcher>Store>View

7. Who developed React Js?

a. AirBnB

b. Instagram

c. Facebook

d. React Company

8. …………….helps to retain the unidirectional state of data in React

a. Flux

b. Dom

c. Props

d. JSX

9. To increase and improve performance in React Js, you’ll need…………..

a. Virtual DOM

b. Original DOM

c. All of the Above

d. None of the above

10. How can the state of a component be accessed from inside of a member function?

a. this.GetStates()

b. this.states

c. this.values

d. this.protopype.state

11. ValueProps are………………into other components

a. Injected

b. Methods

c. Route

d. None of the above

12. What is ReactJS?

a. User interface framework

b. A Library for building interaction interfaces

c. Server side Framework

d. All of the above

Answer to the React Js Quiz

  1. d. Inside js/components/

  2. c. Multiple Elements

  3. d. Both Compiler and Transpilar

  4. a. state and props

  5. a. Controller

  6. d. Action>Dispatcher>Store>View

  7. c. Facebook

  8. a. Flux

  9. a. Virtual Dom

  10. c. this.values

  11. b. Methods

  12. b. A Library for building interaction interfaces



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