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Tips To Design Great CTA Buttons That Work Effectively

CTA buttons, also known as a call to action button, is an interactive element found both on a website and mobile interfaces. The objective of including these buttons is to prompt people to take some actions like purchase, contact, or subscribe. Here are a few tips for designing CTA buttons to be compelling enough for the users so that they serve their intended purpose effectively.

Tips To Design Great CTA Buttons That Work Effectively

Let the buttons appear clickable

In the first place, the design of the button must make the users click them. This means that the users must not have any difficulty in getting to know which of the design elements are interactive. One of the ways to do it is to add some 3D elements to the design.

Choose the right size and colors

Size is an important characteristic for the UI elements. The bigger an element is, the more noticeable it will be. The main objective of a CTA is to draw the attention of the users and hence the size of the button is very important. At the same time, ensure the size is not big enough to affect the appeal of the layout. Choosing the right color for the CTA buttons is a tricky subject. This must take into account the background color and the psychology of the target audience.

Use an imperative language

Keep the number of words minimum and make the instructions strong and compelling.

Take into account the user flow

Besides choosing a big size and a bright color for the CTA buttons, it is essential to place them in the right place depending on the path the users would generally follow while browsing through the page.

Make the best use of white space

Known as the negative space, white space can be used as a powerful tool to emphasize the visual elements. When a user interface includes many optical components, the CTA button will likely get lost into the page. The right amount of white space around the CTA button can help achieve a catchy effect.



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