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Turning User Behavior into a Habit is the Key to a Startup’s Success

The success of any web-based business depends heavily on the user behavior—if there is only a viral growth achieved through search engine marketing and other social media initiatives, the guarantee of the business turning out to be profitable can’t be substantiated.

There are already many startup stories that relate the sorry tale of the businesses that came, saw and left. None of them had a vision that could gradually manipulate the user behavior and turn it into a habit to ensure long-term gains just like many successful companies across the globe did. Consider for example Amazon, Pandora, Twitter or Facebook.

You may start small

There is no shame in catering to the needs of a small-size audience. Growth is always possible if the users come back to you to purchase services and products, or just to use your business for their needs. The evolution of your own business would synchronize with the habit of users.

Understanding, analyzing and presentation

The successful companies are already adopting the curation method where they offer their users content and data that are relevant to them—this saves time, avoid distractions, and increase interactivity. To make your business successful, understand what every user is looking for, analyze how you can offer your services and products aligned to that need, and then present the best solution. The social media companies have successfully profited from this model by showing relevant ads to their users based on their web behavior.


The best data comes from your users—don’t rely solely on favorite trends and global recommendations. Know what kind of audience you are targeting and dribble through the data to understand their biases, preferences, choices, and buying habits. Model your business on this data, and there are bright chances that your startup will see the face of success.



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