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Understanding and Using Guerrilla UX Testing for Better Results

More often than not, design teams avoid testing new products and apps because of the resources and the cost involved in testing. Guerrilla UX testing technique presents an economical way of doing just the right thing before you end up spending money and time on designing a product or a feature that nobody would want to use.

What is Guerrilla Testing?

Though it may sound a bit weird and trespassing, Guerrilla testing involves approaching people in cafes and public places to show them your prototype or even ask to use the product. It is a simple process like any basic questionnaire would have—introduction, taking permission, asking them to use the product, observing or recording their usage, thanking, and moving away. The only difference is that it is not done purely on a paper or a website form. It has to be done in person.

Benefits of Guerrilla Testing

  1. It gives you crucial information about the usability issues early.

  2. It provides sufficient insight and observational information about the user behavior related to particular features of your product.

  3. It helps in creating validation points and testing the hypothesis based on which you are building your product.

  4. It is easy, cheap, and can be conducted on a need-based scenario. There is no minimum or maximum user count that you need to fulfill.

  5. There is no need to hire an expert tester—anybody could handle interaction and note down what the user did and went through.

  6. If your product does require deeper testing, the Guerrilla testing can be used as a demonstration for the stakeholders or investors to make them believe that testing is an integral part of your product development.

A great way of testing

Without a doubt, any UX design or product can benefit from Guerrilla testing, and there is hardly fretting that is involved. The only need is to know its importance and crucial significance in the development cycle of a product.



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