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Useful Admin Plugins for your WordPress Sites

In a WordPress powered website, the admin area is the most crucial aspect that helps control the whole of the site. The admin, editors, and contributors use the admin panel to publish content to the posts, custom post types, and pages. While some website owners find the default features excellent and useful, some others wish to improve them or add some more features. Today you have access to an oceanic number of plugins that can help extend the core features of the WordPress site. One good thing about these plugins is that they enable reach only those areas that you are interested in. Here we discuss a few highly useful and free plugins which can significantly enhance the admin experience.

Highly Useful Admin Plugins for WordPress Sites

Editorial Calendar

This is a highly useful plugin to manage the scheduling of your posts. This plugin adds a calendar page to the admin area’s post section. Every day, it displays the posts ready to be published the next day. Multiple positions are listed in a chronological sequence. If you schedule a lot of articles in advance, this can be an excellent tool for you. You can even choose to change the date of a given post.

Peter’s Collaboration Emails

This plugin lets you manage the editorial flow of the posts. When a job is submitted for review by a contributor, the plugin sends out automated emails to the specific users to inform them that a post is published for review. After the job is approved, the contributor receives an email stating that the responsibility is accepted. In case the post is changed once again to ‘Draft,’ the contributor is informed that it is not allowed, and editing is called for.

Content Audit

Content Audit plugin makes it easy for the staff to review the old content and make sure if it is still relevant. The plugin can work with pages, posts, and media. You can choose to set the content as outdated after a predefined period and notify the authors regarding the expiry. The stamps you can do on the material are redundant, obsolete, and trivial. It is also possible to mark content as requiring a review of the style or SEO aspects.

Edit Flow

This is perhaps the most feature-rich plugin highly useful for editing a WordPress site. The different features of this plugin are a calendar for scheduling the posts, custom statuses to define the current state of a post or page, editorial Metadata to update the editors and authors on the status of a post or page, and threaded commenting portfolio to connect authors and editors. There are also user groups to manage your staff in a better way. A story budget is configured to highlight the upcoming content.


This is a highly innovative plugin that lets you hide all those items you feel unnecessary in your website. This can benefit those who want to keep the site uncrowded and straightforward for the clients and ensure they do not have access to the features they need, not access.



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