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Useful Tips for a Great User Experience of Your Website

Though the long-standing adage still holds that ‘Content is the King.’ When it comes to making a website popular with the audience, yet user experience plays the most significant role in conversion rate and increases the time spent on your website, which is a great metrics for usability, accessibility and overall utility of your website. So, while you build your website or landing pages, consider these following tips:

  1. While creating the home page, link the logo to the homepage. Keep it simple and small and does not bombard the eyes of the users with too many details.

  2. Always have a decent loading speed. You will need a professional to make sure that the loading speed does not increase more than 5 seconds, though 3-4 seconds are considered ideal.

  3. When it comes to the ‘Call-to-Action’ buttons, make sure they are prominent, convincing and have a pleasing color and text combination.

  4. Try bringing a mixture of images and videos with the textual content on your web pages.

  5. It is always helpful if you could have a search field that could help users to quickly more content, features, etc. on your website.

  6. Never make them fill long forms etc. to contact you. Keep it short and simple. If possible, try to get a chat box.

  7. When it comes to the written content, try to make it more attractive through formatting and style. Use short sentences and bullet points. The color, size, and the background of text also play an important role in the readability of the content. If possible, use a white background and black color for the text.

Also, try using A/B testing with your users so that you could get more immediate data about the user behavior and how your users are using your website and what reactions they are having for particular pages, elements, and features. Based on that, you should also tweak your design.



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