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VoiceShopping–How About Editing Your Voice with a Software?

Do you remember how Photoshop became part and parcel of our digital life?—the designers all over the world heaved a sigh of relief when they knew they have a software that could help them manipulate an image and create different versions.

Well, what if I tell you there is something that can Photoshop your voice—or if you would like to call it VoiceShop?

Yes, in 2016, Adobe demonstrated this product and it is still in the development phase, but the possibilities are so unique and somewhat concerning.

The software known as Adobe VoCo could manipulate your voice—it can edit the voice, rearrange order or words and even insert new words in the recording whether they are said or not. It is not a regular tool that could change the pitch or speed of the audio—it is truly a manipulator of the voice.

Obviously, there are concerns about such kind of tools because they could cause harm to the society—if the voice could be modulated and manipulated like that, it poses a lot of threat to data and security. This is the reason, this software is not popular and not many people around the world know about it.

When the software was demonstrated, there was a mention of using an audio watermark, which would identify the copyright of the audio just like people used it for visual content. This will also help in limiting the possibility of editing the audio and recognizing whether it has been done or not.

In the wake of multimedia content being used in digital properties, such software could prove quite handy; however, like any other tool, there are security issues too. In Photoshop, an image could be altered, though a lot of people could now identify the altered image; however, what happens if the voice message or the audio is altered. Such things still need to be tested, made secure and then given to the masses.



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