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What’s Holding Back the Mobile App Support Industry?

The mobile app development industry is a fast-growing one, as smartphones are on the rise daily. With the proliferation in mobile device use, there’s a need to have a mobile app support industry that caters to the shortcomings of the millions of mobile apps out there.

However, the mobile app support industry is taking forever to pick up the expected pace. For an industry growing at the level of a beanstalk, there should be a corresponding growth in providing support.

According to research, about 46% of smartphone users have paid for at least one app. This translates to that you should be able to provide flawless mobile app support to the growing number of app users.

The Unpreparedness of Apps for Support

An app can go from unknown to viral in just a day. It took Instagram three months to hit a million users, and after a year, the app went to over 10 million users. When this growth happens, handling user complaints and concerns becomes a resource-intensive task.

With the increase in the number of users, there’s also an increase in complaint tickets. This may come in phone calls, tweets, in-app feedback, and other outlets by aggrieved customers. Yet, the app support industry is taking forever to live up to its responsibilities.

When Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, the app has grown to over 40 million users. Interestingly, the app was being managed by a 13-man team. That means everyone at Instagram has no less than 3 million to support the average. This scenario would have led to chaos if Facebook had not stepped into the gap by buying the app.

This is the more reason why a knowledge of the mobile app support industry’s inefficiency is essential.

The Dilemma of the App Support Industry and Poor Mobile UI

While there are scores of reasons attributable to being the cause of the app support industry’s inefficiency, poor mobile UI tops the list. There’s virtually a long rope for the mobile app support industry to walk with a poor mobile UI.

One of the top reasons why people abandon mobile apps is the non-responsiveness of the UI. What developers fail to understand is that there are thousands of app uploaded to the Appstore daily, and their app has to compete with both the new entrants and the existing apps.

A good UI is essential to customer attraction and retention. Without a good UI, there won’t be any customer to support. This put a lot of pressure on app developers to develop UI that can be provided support.

Final Thought

While there’s still a lot to be done in improving user experience, the app support industry’s success is heavily hinged on the mobile design. Nonetheless, the app support industry still has a lot of catch up to do. Without this, most apps will suffer.


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